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Monday 16 April 2012

A Cool New Hang Out for my Boys - Toyroom Makeover

Pin It As you read this, I am currently being dragged from one theme park to the next. That's right this little old family of ours has flown the coop and we have gone on a road trip to Queensland and Byron.

I didn't want to leave my blog to get all lonely and gather dust, so I have scheduled a couple of posts for the week. So I'm here but not here...if you know what I mean.

Anyways today I am finally revealing my playroom makeover. It has been in a semi finished state for some time now, but it was the small details I hadn't gotten around to, like labels for toy boxes and hanging pictures on the walls.

The boys are very lucky to have a playroom to themselves, but the older two tell me I am no longer allowed to call it a play room as that is for little kids. Hmpfhhh not sure when seven and ten became so grown up.

The 3 of them decided (the older 2 totally railroaded Mr 5 into agreeing) that they wanted a more mature room to hang out in and have begged me for ages to do a makeover in there. Previously it was all brightly coloured IKEA furniture and bright paintings that I agree was originally done when my boys were 6mth, 2 and 5 so I kinda get why that was so not cool anymore.

Lucky for them, I love me a good room makeover and as long as I had the final say in the design (which of course I did), I was happy to oblige.

The colour theme they picked? Black, Grey and white. Totally workable and wont show up their grubby little tracks. Can you say Happy Mummy???

So here it is, the finally finished "Hang Out Room" formally known as the play room.

The rug was from Deals Direct and the couch from Fantastic Furniture.

 IKEA Expedit Shelves and a Sierra Desk from Office Works. The little cube stool is also from Office Works. The pin board was an old corkboard I covered with some grey material I had left over from another project.

These little boxes were from Flower Power. They have some fabulous homewares that are really well priced.
 The labels I did up in excel and laminated and cut out.
The French piccies were from Bed Bath and Table and the strip canvases I bought from a $2.00 dollar shop and covered with fabric.

The curtains were from Spotlight and the lamp was from Target.
These wicker cubes were a bargain at $12 each from Kmart. I think I bought my local store out of stock.

I am happy to say the boys absolutely loved it and were so grateful for their cool new space. They have since spent hours hanging out in their new "Hangout Room" and surprisingly enough, they keep it pretty tidy too. Oh be still my little OCD heart, could I have finally house trained them?

I am giving Wonderful Weekends a little break for a while. Its not gone for good, but it may get a little face lift in the near future. A Huge Thanks to everyone who has been playing along, it has been awesome having you here each week.

But tell me - have you got any tips for keeping a play area neat and tidy?
Come one cough em up......pretty please........