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Monday 2 April 2012

Grant me The Serenity to Listen to The 'Old' Voice in My Head - Wonderful Weekends

Pin It The outlook for this weekend was originally busy busy busy. Kids sports followed by kids sports, grocery shopping, kids sports, family outing with friends, housework, tackle the To Do List and kids sports.

Its a sad day when you look towards the coming weekend with exhausted trepidation. I remember the day (Oh Kill me Now I actually sound like an old person) when I couldn't wait to get to the weekend and spend it being insanely busy doing stuff. These days I get more excited when plans are cancelled.

When I saw this picture on tumblr I laughed myself silly as it is soooo me at the moment.

Photo Source - Tumblr

To be honest, I wouldn't so much call it being lazy, more 'Conserving Energy'..... my energy.

Tell me, do you all feel like life is just speeding up and going faster and faster and faster? I do and there are days where I am just so damn giddy I need to get off for a while before I puke.

Hubby and I are working long hours, we are ferrying kids around from A to Z and back to D and my To Do list just keeps getting longer and longer. And to top it all off somewhere along the way I must have gotten the idea that we needed to fill every waking hour doing stuff as a family or with friends just to you know, make sure we are well and truly exhausted and completely spent. I somehow forgot that weekends should also be for relaxing and recharging and its totally Ok to not fill them with planned activities and tackling a massive To Do List.

I was in the car last Sunday night with my ten year, and we were racing out to get the family a nutritious and totally responsible Maccas meal because we had gotten home late and hadn't time to do the grocery shop. My son said to me "I don't want to go to school tomorrow Mum, I feel like I haven't had a weekend. Can we just take it easy for a while".

I looked at him silently for a moment as I took it in and then I laughed myself stupid. I'm talking delirious, totally insane laughter where my eyes were crying and I just could not stop. He was speechless and I had no words for the poor kid. I was exhausted, utterly spent and I honestly had no idea why I couldn't stop laughing like a mad woman. 

Another crazy busy week followed and Friday night I found myself sitting in the car at football training and I just couldn't find the energy in me to actually get out of the car and go and speak to the other parents. It was that point I realized this was just ridiculous, this was not anyway to live life.

I'm tired and I'm a total cranky pants. I have zero patience and I am turning into an overly emotional feral female. There is something so wrong with this picture.

Photo Source

When we got home that night, I told my hubby - "I'm calling time out this weekend. Apart from the kids sporting commitments we are doing Jack Squat" and with that I grabbed myself a Vodka and retired to bed with a plateful of Sashimi to spend the night watching TV. It was bliss and I felt guilty for a wee moment until alas I couldn't hear the guilt anymore over the babbling of the Real Housewives cat fight I was watching.

And so Saturday morning I sat on my ass and watched my kid's Karate class and then I went home and continued to sit on my ass and read a book. Saturday night I spent sitting on my ass in bed watching more TV. And then Sunday morning, yup more ass sitting at a Rugby game followed by an afternoon of sitting on my ass in front of the computer.

So no photos, no activities to report back on, actually zero to report about this weekend in general, zil, zero, zip sorry! And you know what? No one suffered because the front garden wasn't weeded, the garage tidied and the To Do List has a couple of more things on it.

The kids certainly did not suffer in anyway either, in fact they were happily playing in the street with their bikes, skateboards, scooters and neighbourhood friends and it was quiet enough for me to hear the old person voice in my head muttering "In the Old Days when I was a kid, this was what life was all about".

If getting old means gaining the wisdom to know when to just stop and the common sense to actually call a time out and enjoy the quieter moments in life, I say bring it on baby...Bring. It. On!!

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Tell me, is life just going too fast for you? Ever wanna sit the next dance out? 
Got any magic answers to share?

So what did you get up to this weekend?

Every Monday the link opens and I would love you to share what you got up to on the weekend. Did you do something special or go somewhere? 
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Whatever it is share it with us and inspire us all. 
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