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Friday, 6 April 2012

You Gotta Heart those Silver Linings!

Pin It I have just got home tonight from a beautiful surprise party for a gorgeous friend's birthday and can I tell you, I am feeling so sentimental and awed and actually totally lost for words to really explain how I am feeling.

Jan is a beautiful woman in so many ways and just so genuine in everything she says and does.

We met through our sons who are buddies at school and she is one of those woman who you are so grateful to meet and so comfortable knowing they will be a part of your child's life for many years to come.

Jan was supposed to be in Bali celebrating her *ahem* 30th birthday, but last month her husband had a very serious accident when he fell from a roof. He was incredibly lucky to actually survive this fall, but his injuries were severe enough to ensure that Bali was certainly not going to happen for them.

Determined that Jan was damn well going to have an awesome birthday in spite of this bad luck, some of her closest friends organised this surprise dinner for her and over 25 fabulous woman eagerly arrived to help Jan celebrate this special birthday. These woman were honestly a tribute to what a wonderful woman Jan is, as every single one of those women were just divine. You don't collect a group of friends as special as that with out being a pretty special person yourself.

When I was chatting to Jan she told me how truly blown away she was by tonight and that when she looked around the room she was so touched by everyone who was there, and that as she looked at every woman, she couldn't imagine them not being there.

Then she said something so honest and pure in it's delivery and whilst I can't quote her word for word it was along the lines of ... "I can't believe everyone is here for me, but wow just look". And she cried, real genuine joy, and I along with those sitting with us cried at the true beauty of her appreciation for her friends.

Sometimes crappy things happens in life and Jan's husbands accident was certainly one of them, but if there is a silver lining in that awfully dark cloud, it was that one beautiful and incredibly kind woman now knows just how much she is loved, and that she is one person who most certainly will never ever be short a friend in life.

Happy Birthday Jan.

Have you discovered any Silver Linings in a particularly crappy situation?