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Monday 22 October 2012

When Sharing is NOT Caring!

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Bless you dear children (said with great restraint), you have finally decided to listen to one of my parental rants about sharing being caring and all that. But did you really have to go and choose a time when you all have a crappy Gastro Bug to start the sharing?

The weekend has been a bit of a bummer - pardon the pun. My precious little children felt that it was really quite selfish for them to keep the bugs all to themselves and so they decided to share it .... with me. I likened it to a "Do you think we are pretending to be sick now Mum"? kind of statement on their behalf but perhaps more subconsciously because I'm sure they weren't capable of coming up with something that clever  as they were lying all over me with their chuckit buckets.

On Saturday morning Sam was really quite sick. After 4 days of not being able to hold down any food or water we were advised to take him up to the hospital and since I was puking anyway we decided out of my hubby and myself it made more sense for me to go and hang out with all the sick people.

We made a great pair my boy and I. Sitting in the waiting room with our respective buckets. Me rubbing his pale little face with a cloth whilst I sang a song of thunder into my sick bag.

They took us through pretty quickly. I don't think we were very good for business the way we were lying all over the waiting room benches looking like death slightly warmed up.

I explained to the Drs (in between intimate chats with my bucket) that we were actually here for Sam, but somehow I ended up next to him with a drip stuck in my arm and wondering how my poor husband was doing at home with the other two sickies.

He was doing OK but as expected was exhausted from looking after all of us.

I love the message Emily sent my husband to pass on to me; Remind Sonia of the classic line from Devil Wears Prada when the girls says "I'm just one stomach flu away from my goal weight". It may make her feel better.

It totally did make me feel better thanks Em xxx, though I think I may be more than one stomach flu away from my goal weight.

So anyway that was our weekend. The weekend where we had sport, garage clean outs and some really nice stuff like lunch with my parents planned. 

In my head I am mentally preparing for my next parental chat with my boys. The chat where I tell them that perhaps you don't need to listen to everything Mummy says and that there are some things that really its OK not to share.

I did want to share with you a little tip one of the Doctors gave me at the hospital gave me. It is a home made Gastrolyte solution to re hydrate kids or yourself when you are battling illness and dehydration. 

What did you guys gets up to this weekend?
Have you had the Bug come to visit lately?