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Tuesday 16 October 2012

Jewellery Storage For Jewellery Slobs Like Me

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I'm a jewellery slob! There I said it and I will now respectfully hang my head in shame for all of 10 seconds.........

OK shame over.

You see despite being OCD in nearly every other part of my life, I get really lazy those last few minutes before I go to bed and I kind of just pull the jewellery off my various body bits and chuck it on the dresser in my robe, or in a basket or in one of the various boxes that clutter my chest of drawers. See lazy right?

But I have vowed to change all that and now that I have finished our bedroom makeover, it is time for me to makeover our dressing room and try and attempt to turn it into one of those gorgeous ones I drool over on Pinterest. Ambitious I know!

See that little doorway below covered up by the sheer curtain? That is our walk in wardrobe and I thought I would be really sneaky and just to cover it up with a curtain so I don't have to see the mess in there.

I was wrong, because that side of the bed that is closest to that door way is my side, so every night I am in the perfect position to lie there and stare at it and it does my head in because I know what kind of chaos is going on behind that curtain.

This is what my dresser looked like. Jewellery scattered here and there, necklaces in that basket over to the left and bracelets kind of thrown over that coffee mug stand. I hated it and I could never find a matching earring.

Armed with some organising goodies from Howards Storage along with some random starfish key hanger rack thingy I found at Flower Power that is perfect for hanging necklaces, I got stuck into some reorganising.

Behold - the death of the jewellery slob and the birth of um a slightly more organised jewellery lover!

Everything has a place and I can find it when I want to wear it. Better yet I don't have nightmares staring at that curtain anymore. At least one of my monsters in the closet has been tamed for now.

Those three baskets up on top of the shelf hold bits and pieces that were normally just chucked or hung randomly here and there. I'm talking about scarves and belts and swimmers - you know those things you tend to collect heaps of over the years?

I have a theory that those particular items are very fertile accessories. In fact they have a breeding program going on in my cupboard and they were in the process of planning a total hostile takeover.

I fixed those frisky little buggers well and good. I separated them and confined them to baskets and yes I labelled them because I am a short ass and even on tippy toes I can't see all the way up there and I didn't want to have to pull down every basket before I figured out which one has the belts in it!

Basket 1 holds scarves, Basket 2 is Swimmers and Basket 3 is belts. Simple as Simon! (not that I actually know any Simons that are overly simple).

Do you likey? Does it make the organised part of your brain do a little whoop whoop? Should I put the psychiatrist on my speed dial yet?

I am working on a makeover strategy for the rest of that walk in robe, cause trust me, there are still plenty of monsters in that closet that need sorting out.

Any tips for me for Wardrobe makeover novice like me?

Do you have a closet monster breeding program going on in your wardrobe?

Are you interested in me blogging about this project or is it a nah not really kind of idea?

Have you got a Wardrobe Board on Pinterest full of inspiration that I should know about? If so please share your link in the comments for me and I will be forever grateful.