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Tuesday 23 October 2012

Moooooosic to My Ears!

Pin It I am a little relieved and giddy with a mixture of hope and sentimentality at that moment. As I was just sitting in my suburban backyard soaking up some of the gorgeous sunshine and fresh un-gastro touched air, I heard it .... the mooing or actually more of a mehhhhhhhhing.

You may recall last Spring I was kind of excited when one of the residents in the nursing home behind our house took to mooing like a cow. He (or perhaps a she with a very deep moo) did the most realistic impersonation of a cow and for this little suburbanite it made for quite a pleasant change to the normal suburban  hum we usually have.

You see I could sit in the backyard with my cuppa, close my eyes and imagine I was on some gorgeous country property surround by sheep and cows. Behind my closed eyes I could picture my kids roaming through fields of golden wheat happily playing tag whilst I sit under the sweet wisteria on the back porch sipping my tea and reading Country Living whilst my hubby makes cheese in the nearby barn. Cheese? Random I know.

The mooing suddenly stopped a few months ago and I was seriously greatly saddened by the thought that my mooing neighbour may have gone on to greener pastures. But no! I am pleased to report that he (or she with a very deep moo) is quite okay and was back to mooing with passion today.

Oh Happy Days!