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Friday 14 February 2014

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

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As I dawdled to a meeting at Manly Wharf yesterday I spied these 3 taking a bit of a dip.

From a distance they looked like a couple of teenage kids splashing around in the water and generally just having a lark, but as I got closer I realised these were a group of women languishing in their glorious Golden years. 

They were laughing and gas bagging and laughing some more and I couldn't help but to stop and stare. They were mesmerising. The pure joy on their faces, the carefree stuff the world cause we are going swimming attitude literally made me beam from ear to ear.

I'm sure the other passer byers thought I was some kind of weird stalker woman standing there grinning at a couple of old ducks. I didn't care, because as I watched them frolic around in the water I realised I want to be them. Ok not exactly right now, but I want to be those women when I grow up.

I want to go swimming with my girlfriends without a care in the world. I want to sit with my gals and drink tea or G&Ts laughing at each other's flatulence and sticking a big finger up at time and the way it insists on trying to age us.

Watching these 3 I realised that although our bodies will one day grow old, our spirit doesn't need to reflect the wear of time. It may be a little wary or a little wiser, but I am willing to bet it sure as hell would want to dive into that gorgeous water with it's fellow soul mates.

Why spoil its fun and act your age? Who made the God damn rule book that says you have to act your age anyway???

That's my thought for the day. How's your day going?

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