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Friday 21 February 2014

Little Bits Of Happy - This Week's Dopamine Hit

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It's been a while since I have done a little bits of happy post, for no other reason then I have a memory like sieve and I clean forgot all about it. I'm good at that... forgetting things. Falling over and forgetting things are two of my great talents in life.... oh and I can burp the alphabet too but I don't want to brag ;)

Today I'm sharing the little bits that have been giving me a dopamine hit this week. I like dopamine and yes I know dopamine hits are generally short lived and leaves you desperately looking for another fix. But quite frankly my care factor is zero - I'll take a dopamine hit over a kick in the ass any day.

Here's some of the bits and bobs that came into my possession and gave me my buzz for this past week.

a: Lemon Grass and Lemon Mrytle soap. This stuff smells like heaven. I have spent the last 24 hours sniffing it non stop and it was $4 bucks well spent. OK $8 buck cause I brought two. One to use and one to sniff.

b: I couldn't resist these gorgeous shopping bags from Bed Bath and Table. $4.99 each and they will make the grocery shopping so much... so much... um prettier to look at? Whatever. I like them.

c: My $10 buck bunch of Harris Farm flowers just because it's Friday and I like to treat myself with a bunch of florally foliage every Friday.

d: The cutest damn cupcakes I have ever seen, given to me by a beautiful friend at school this morning. She made them the clever chick and look they are yellow chevron... I mean just look!!!

e: A Jingly Jangly pom pom key ring from Table Tonic in the most divine colours. These make me happy jingly in my hand. Very happy indeed.

f: I stumbled across these gorgeous little dishes from Bed Bath and Table and whilst I actually brought them for a friend they continue to make me happy whilst I wait to give them to her... and then hopefully they will make her happy. Two dopamine hits for the price of one. Bargain!

g: Happy mail - a divine smelling Burnt Fig & Cassis candle by Kaz in the most stunning organic ceramic dish. A lovely surprise from an equally lovely stylist who borrowed a prized lamp of mine for a shoot in House and Garden.

h: A pile of fresh new magazines just waiting to be sniffed.... *ahem* I mean waiting to be read... right after I sniff the freshly printed pages of course.

i: Another fabulous piece I bagged myself from Table Tonic in Avalon. A clutch that I have been eyeing off for quite some time and for $25 bucks, it was a no brainer - this baby was coming home to live with me happily ever after.

Have you had any dopamine hits lately? 
Have you treated yourself to anything special just because it made you happy?

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