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Friday 24 June 2016

6 Awesome Projects For A Winter Weekend

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It's getting pretty darn cold here in Sydney tonight and it's only expected to get colder this weekend.

Like colder than a tin man's testicles in an Artic breeze kind of COLD cold.

Now I don't know about you, but when it gets all super wintery like this, I like nothing better than a weekend that doesn't involve anything more demanding than me donning my best fluffy house socks, making a big pot of coffee and getting stuck into some crafty DIY.

I reckon it's totally permissible to come up with any kind of excuse you can to get out of having to get dressed and leave the house at this time of the year... in fact it should just kind of be expected.

I have this Sunday pegged for some serious crafty action and so I thought I would infect you all with inspiration from some clever clogs around the interwebs with 6 Awesome Projects that are perfect for a winter weekend.

Plants get cold in winter too you know... don't they?

Meh, whatever! Whether they do or don't is pretty much irrelevant really when you have an urge to knot a cosy cardi for your cacti, so let's just convince ourselves they do so we can justify knitting some cute little pot warmers like the girls at The Merry Thought did.

They have all the instructions over on their blog and even a complete knitting novice like me could manage this project. Knit one Purl one - Yep totally doable and cute to boot!

Keeping in theme with the sixes... Chris from The Life Creative has 6 Easy Steps to creating the Ultimate home office. 

Ok so technically speaking this is not a craft project... but it is DIY. So if you are looking to create yourself an inspiring space to work from at home, then head on over and check it out.

If you like so many have been getting into colouring in lately, then Kat from The Organised Housewives is your go to gal this weekend.

Kat has rounded up over 20 FREE downloadable colouring pages for adults on her blog and every single one of them is worthy investing in a pot of fresh new textas or pencils for.

Ever wondered what the hell you are going to do with those eleventy billion Instagram pics you have amassed over the years?

Yep, me too and I Spy DIY has the perfect solution right there in that mighty fine looking gallery wall.

Raid the garage for wood to chop and glue to make these cute little frames... or if you can't be bothered being that crafty - get online and order a load of them and then spend the rest of your time getting lost in all the other awesome projects I Spy DIY have on their blog.

Alright so this one might actually involve you having to leave the house to buy wallpaper and glue but damn you've got to admit - it's kind of tempting right?

Holly from Decor8 blog shared Selina Lake's wallpapered stair project - totally worth checking out if you are feeling adventurous or even just to pin for another day.

Alright, I know what you are thinking with this last one - "Sonia has gone totally whacko sharing this in winter" but come on... did you cop and eyeful of that deliciousness? And it's toasted too so that's sort of warming right?

This delectable looking treat is the Wintermint Chocolate Torched Meringue Popsicle from The Sugar Hit and hot diggety dang I would turn blue for a big bite of that.

Rightio then, that'll be it from me tonight because I have some Uggies to dig out from the cupboard, a hubby to snuggle and a couch to hold down.

Stay warm you lot!

What have you got planned for the weekend?
Can you get out of having to leave the house?

Header image from: The Merry Thought