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Friday 10 June 2016

My Husband is Sending Me Away To Another Man

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The ONLY respectable photo of the day

I turned a year older yesterday and whilst I'd like to say a year wiser - the jury is still sitting in Starbucks deliberating on that one and they're probably going to take a while.

Yesterday was deadset awesome as far as birthdays go.

I woke to a gift left on my bedside table from my beautiful husband. He has given me another man for my birthday.

No really!

He is sending me away to spend some time with another man.... and THAT'S my birthday gift.

OK so he is sending me to Tilba to spend a day exploring the farm and cooking with Paul West from The River Cottage Australia... but it's as good as right? Besides, my title version sounds so much more intriguing and dare I say it - clickbaity even and hey I'm a blogger so these things are called for occasionally.

Only joking... kinda.

What an awesome gift though huh? He has well and truly outdone himself this time that spunky man of mine, and all that before 8 am... Yep we were off to a good start.

Next up, I spent the morning at the warehouse pretending to work before I was taken out to lunch by some of my most faves peeps.

Margaritas and munchies at lunch stretched into a round of deep and meaningfuls, a hilarious Uber ride to take us back to the warehouse for yet more bubbles and antics and then by the time my hubby finally arrived to pick me up for a special family birthday dinner, I was what you would call 'considerably weathered' and my belly actually hurt from laughing so much.

Despite the big lunch I still managed to roll half a dozen oysters, mangle the crap out of a blue swimmer crab and smash a plateful of prawns.

I'm a seafood pig.

I own it.

Twas a good day you guys. A very good day and whilst I may have started my first day of being 33 (Whaaat? What's a few years between friends huh) with a fuzzy hangover head (thanks girls)  I also started on my new list of intentions.

OK, so some of the new intentions are not exactly NEW new. Some of them may or may not have already appeared on last year's list and I just never got around to them, but blah blah, whatever... THIS year is the year that I intend on giving those intentions some proper attention.

This intentions thing is something I started for myself a few years ago after a friend told me about it.

The basic gist is that you give yourself the time to sit and reflect on all the awesome things you have achieved for yourself in the past year of being 30,  or 35 or whatever age you were. Congratulate yourself, celebrate yourself and then set your goals or intentions for your next year.

You have a 12 months to make those things happen. Consider it a bit of a deadline and ask yourself - What do I want to do in that time? What do I want to achieve both personally or professionally?

It may be something physical like losing weight, attempting to learn a new language or taking yourself on a pretzel tour of New York - which is probably not something I recommend you run with simultaneously to the losing weight thing - no judgement, but you see my point yeah?

Alternatively, it may be emotional or spiritual intentions, things that others won't necessarily see or know about.. but you will. Things like ummm ... going to bed earlier, standing up for yourself more, or learning to meditate... like properly for reals meditate and not the 'I'm really pretending' type where you lock yourself away in your bedroom and stream Kardashian reruns on Foxtel to Go.

Look, I'm not going to list all my intentions out here... most likely it will be that many of them will end up revealing themselves over the next 12 months anyway if you continue to read my blog, but the thing is - this intention thing is not really about putting your list of intentions on show for other people to judge or hold you accountable for.

It's something for you, a tradition of sorts, something you do for yourself as way of measuring where you have been over the past 12 months and where you are heading moving forward... or something sorta kinda along those lines.

Anyways, I wish I had more photos to share with you from yesterday... but... let's just say that in order to protect my reputations as a semi-respectable member of society, it's probably best that those photos never see the light of day.

P.S tomorrow is world Gin Day... BRING IT OOOOOOONNNNN!

Do you celebrate turning a year older with any personal ritual sort of things or traditions?
Any proven cures for a Tequila and Prosecco induced hangover?