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Saturday 18 June 2016

Yes, Just Yes! 1

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Sometimes you stumble across something when you are clicking around the internet, or killing time in a shop and it makes you stop in your tracks and say "YES. Just Yes"

This post is dedicated to some of those things, and I kind of like the idea of making this a regular little feature, because - you know - good things should be shared, and sharing is caring and sharers are carers and... what the hell I am I doing?

Like we even need an excuse to share a little awesomeness with each other!

Whilst I am spending the afternoon attempting another go at First Holy Communion with our littlest dude (our last efforts were rained out... literally!) I'm just going to put this post down here in front of you, back quietly away and leave YOU to say "YES. Just Yes" for yourself.

You're welcome!

How absolutely drool worthy is this living room I stumbled across here?!

I want the wall colour, the couch, the leather chair and I'll have the side tables too thanks... heck how about I just MOVE on in!!

This sort of imagery does NOTHING to suppress my appetite for shopping for new furniture and homewares.

NOTHING I tell you!

Speaking of gorgeous living rooms... how flipping divine is this monochromatic IKEA hack from TOMFO in her beautiful new house she and her family recently built?!

Now Sarah was all kinds of clever to begin with, but this... THIS! I love.

It's not like I really needed an excuse to go to IKEA, but if I did... then dare I say - this is a pretty good one!

Now on to serious yums - check out this Salted Caramel Chocolate Martini from 3 Yummy Tummies.

Can I please get a HELL YES!

Click through for the full recipe here and can I just say that if you are thinking about making these and you are looking for a volunteer to taste test for you - I'm totally happy to put my hand up and offer myself up for the role.

Just Saying.

My awesome pal Kate has been at it again, designing things that make us go "ooooohhhhh" and her new monogrammed iPhone cases (1) that are available through The Cult List, are just one of the results of her latest creative whirlwinds.

They are available in matt gold, silver, black and rose gold and come engraved with your personal monogram. You can get them here.

Speaking of phones and techy stuff, how cool is this downloadable wallpaper below (2) from Design Love Fest?! 

There are so many gorgeous downloadable designs for your phones, macs and desktop to choose from and every month they add more. You can check them out here.

Last but not least, the absolutely adorable and very talented Melinda from the blog By Melinda Cooper, has created something pretty spesh for us all to enjoy. 

Little Sparks is a downloadable ebook full of pages of what Melinda calls "little sparks to send off spurs of feelings and wonder and creativity, something that maybe you’ll look through when you are feeling a little lost or are looking for a reason to smile a little brighter. 

How cool is that!

I reckon you should print the pages off and stick them around so that everytime you look and them - you stop, smile and feel inspired.

Ok so that's all I got for you today you guys. All that is left for me to do is wish you an a fabulous weekend and now go and de mud our little footy head for his communion.

Take care!

Any awesomeness you want to share with us?
Got anything you have created, seen or bought we should know about?