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Thursday 17 November 2016

It's Time To Get My Butt Into Gear... No Like Literally!

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How beautiful is the light in this place?

This is the beam of light that shines through at 8.30 in the morning and whilst it's harshness isn't exactly conducive to any kind of photography at this time of the day, it's gorgeous all the same.

We are settling in to our new space and I am finding a new kind of rhythm where I drop kids to school and then come here to work until school pick up time.

I find so much security in routine... which is odd given I am at heart such a free spirit.

OK so confession time you guys...

You know how I said I was going to ride my bike to work every day once I moved into the new studio?

Yeah, well... I haven't ridden yet.

Not even once.

I going to go and blame it partly on the fact that I'm still lugging stuff to the studio every day... but the truth is - it's also because I am a bit of a lazy sod.

I really need to get moving more. I know I do.

I've talked about this for what seems like forever and when I am lying in bed at night I make all the best plans and my motivation is at an all time high. I even pick out fabulous workout outfits in my head and then morning comes and I'm all "nup, where's my car keys, I've got shit to get done".

All the renovating and moving lately has meant that I haven't been a total slack ass... but I'm not really going out of my way to do any extra cardio or anything and this weight I am so deadset keen on losing is not going to shift itself.

The annoying things is I don't actually eat a lot of crap, although I'm sure my nightly G&T probably doesn't help... I think I just don't exercise enough maybe?

I wanted to ask you guys - have you ever tried one of those weight loss groups or meal providers? If so what do you recommend?

What sort of exercise do you do? How often do you do it? And does it get easier over time?

I'm determined to stop procrastinating and do something for reals so that I can feel good in myself. By all means - feel free to hassle me about the bike riding anytime you see me driving my car... you have my FULL permission to kick me in the butt.

Have you successfully lost weight? 
I'd love you to share with me how... if you don't mind of course?