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Tuesday 15 November 2016

New Moon, New Intentions & Some Spooky Shit!

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I promised the kids dinner on the beach last night so that we could watch the Supermoon rising.

As luck would have it, the weather was rather shitty and the vision I had of a warm balmy spring picnic on the beach was kind of replaced with a wrap yourself in anything warm and pick blowing sand of your fish and chips sort of scenario but meh... mission accomplished.

The beaches were absolutely packed, and by packed I mean like those delicious little smoked oysters that get squished into a little tin kind of packed (sorry for the randomness but mmmm smoked oysters) and every available legal and illegal car spot was pretty much full and every road within walking distance looked more like gridlocked highways than the semi quiet coastal streets they normally are.

It seemed every man, woman and child wanted to catch a glimpse of this moon that was creating so much hype and we were right there with them claiming our patch of sand.

We saw the moon though... all be it for the 5 minutes or so that it shone through a gap in the clouds and as luck would have it - my phone ran out of battery before I could take any half decent image to sit on my camera roll with the other zillion photos I have snapped over the last year to keep as keepsakes.

Maybe it had something to do with my intention to be 'more present'.

Now THAT'S some spooky shit people!

I did get this one blurry shot before my phone went dead, and it will do to remind me.

Yep it will do.

Did you know that there are actually (on average) 6 Supermoons a year?

I had no idea.

Last night's Supermoon however was the closest it has been to earth since 1948 and if you walked in a straight line from earth to the moon, it would take you about 170 years to reach the big cheese.

That would surely burn off that fish and chips we scoffed.

Psychics, astrologers and those who hold spiritual beliefs in the moon believe that Supermoons have incredible energy.

It makes sense when you think about it right?

I mean in the lead up to this particular Supermoon the world kind of went crazy what with the Trump factor and the earthquakes and people's emotions all running on high. Apparently that is the type of frenzied energy that builds up before an event like this.

The good news is that all that energy can be put to good use too and a new moon, especially a Supermoon, is the perfect time to focus on new goals and intentions.

Write them in the sand and let the tide take them away, write them down and put them into a fire pit, or write them on paper and bury them... it doesn't really matter what kind of symbolic ritual you choose, you can run around naked and sing them if you like.. although your neighbours might call the 'special white van' on you.

Do whatever you like because as long as you focus on what it is you want with your intention or goal and you approach it with a pure heart and an unwavering belief that what you want can be yours, then that there is all the energy you need to bring your goals and intention to life. The moon apparently helps to magnify that energy though and so that is why a new moon or a Supermoon is the perfect time to do this.

If that all sounds a little higgelty piggelty to you (it's ok, I don't mind, besides my hubby just rolls his eyes at me and says 'yes dear' when I go on about all of this) then you can just find a quiet spot to sit with your family and friends and enjoy the extra bright moonlight for a while and feel gratitude for those you have around you.

You don't actually have to wait long for the next Supermoon, although it wont be quite as close as this one just gone, the next Supermoon actually falls in December... on the 14th December to be precise.

Might be a good time to think about setting some intentions for the new year then. Who knows, it may actually help some of us keep those new years resolutions for once... you know, like the one where I give up fish and chips.


Did you see the moon last night?
Did you set any intentions or goals?