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Tuesday 1 November 2016

Turns Out The Sky DIDN'T Fall In After All

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Well that was a hell of a week... who am I kidding, that was a HELL OF A MONTH.

The good news is, we have moved Little Lane Workshops into our new studio at Warriewood and the new place... oh she is so pretty.

We have big 12 foot high ceilings and windows with loads of natural light flooding in and freshly painted white floors and I love her, Oh I really love her.

Is that weird to talk about a building like that?


Most likely.


Less than a month ago, I was a panic stricken owner of a business that potentially had no home. And today? Well, today I am sitting here on the couch in our new place, absolutely bone tired from all of the renovating and moving, and I have an ankle the size of a German sausage on steroids... and yet I am at peace and happy. Ridiculously, blissfully, cannot wipe the smile off my face kind of happy.

I'll take some more pics when we are all finished, but these are just a few to help you picture what our new place looks like.

The reality of just how incredibly lucky I am to be surrounded by people who genuinely love me and care about me and my family has really hit home these past few weeks.

Nothing breeds courage and gratitude more than realising you have a tribe of awesome people standing behind you ready to steady you if you stumble...

And stumble I have... quite a few times these past few months when things got really hard and honestly, without the unwavering support and belief in me from my beautiful patient hardworking hubby, parents and friends... well I don't know if I would have had the heart or the guts to pull this all off.

As for those girls up there - those girls have been my absolute rocks through all of this.

There are no words to describe my friendship with those two - Kate and Jayde. Not only do they possess the ability to make me laugh... ridiculous gasping for air belly laughs, they also keep me calm when all I really want to do is run around in circles with my arms in the air like Chicken Little shrieking "the sky is falling in".

I have a tendency to get dramatic, ("no shit Sherlock" says everyone who knows me) and every dramatic gal needs a Jayde and Kate in their life to pull them back to earth when they get carried away.

So, we still have a lot more to do this week before our first workshop kicks off this weekend, but we are home and a new kind of normal can now resume and I am so looking forward to snuggling back into this blog here and picking up where we left off some time ago before things went a little crazy.

Thank you for being so patient with me... turns out the sky didn't quite fall in on us after all.

Go figure!

Are you the panicky 'Chicken Little' in your group of friends or family, or are you the 'cool as a cucumber stay calm in a crisis' type of person?