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Friday 4 May 2012

Grateful for little Faces in The Night

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Normally when one of my kids wakes me at some ungodly hour of the night to tell me they had a nightmare or we need to respray the room for monsters, my patience can run a little on the thin side, bordering on zero.

Just last week my little Sammy's face popped up next to my pillow at roughly 2am and with little sobs he told me he had just had the worst nightmare ever.

Reaching out a hand to touch his precious face I said "Oh sweetie really? What was it about?"

*sob sob sniff* "Well my friend turned into a monster and"
Me quickly interrupting "Oh huni that's just terrible - do you want to get in to bed with us"?

No more words were needed, I had cut him off because I realised neither of us needed a detailed rundown of a nightmare at a quarter past friggin 2am. He swiftly raced back to his room, grabbed his giraffe, dinosaur and pillow pet and executed a perfect half pike double twist dive straight into our doona. I closed my eyes and with peace restored re-entered my realm of fluffy clouds and zzzzzzzs.

Last night, it was just after midnight whilst I was still in that awkward muscle twitching stage of drifting off, when I was stirred by the familiar pad pad pad of little feet.

"Mummy, my leg hurts. I think it is growing again but only one hurts so that must mean only one is growing. Am I going to end up like really crooked or something"?

Once again I flipped back the doona and invited him in to my little cocoon. I knew I was going against all parenting books and advice, but at that moment I really didn't care. He needed to feel safe and reassured and I needed to drink up his sweetness and cuddle up to his little warm body.

As I lay there cuddling him it hit me, my boys are growing up too quickly and before I know it the day will come where they no longer come to me in the night with their fears. They will no longer want to jump into bed, cuddle up in my arms and twist strands of my hair around their little fingers, And that thought literally took my breathe away. I can't imagine how empty that must feel when your little ones no longer need or want to curl up with you.

I know the day will come when this will be so, and I have to agree the thought of a big smelly hairy leg teenager joining my hubby and I in bed for a cuddle is more creepy than I care to imagine. But for now I am grateful for those midnight cuddles and rather than be annoyed or frustrated by them, I am going to embrace them, breathe them in and carve those memories deep into my mind for years to come.

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