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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50: Day in My Life

Pin It The second challenge we have been set for the Kidspot Ford Territory Top Bloggers Competition is to post at least 6 photos of how the Ford Territory takes you a round in your daily life, taking where you want and need to go.

This is just an ordinary Saturday around this joint and is a day familiar to families all over. The usual Soccer, Karate, Beach, Shopping and Parties. Ordinary stuff made extraordinary by getting around in this gorgeous Ford Territory.

Its no surprises here since I have no self restraint, that I have a few more than 6 photos and a video. I actually thought twice about posting my video after seeing BabyMac's as mine totally lacks all the sleek style, editing skill and finesse that Beth's awesome video possesses.

What you will see is that I am currently more than a little crushing on this car, in fact I suspect it may well be love. A wise man (actually it was probably a woman), once said that love is blind, so I ask you to turn a blind eye to my atrocious video making skills and just enjoy the love story instead.....

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