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Wednesday 30 May 2012

'Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50: A Woman's Perspective

Pin It So my friends we come to the final post in the Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50 Bloggers Challenge and it has been one hellava ride! Bahaha Get it...Ford Territory... ride...? Ok moving on!

Our final challenge is to review the Ford Territory Titanium AWD from a woman's perspective and this post is oh so bittersweet. It is bittersweet because I am going to tell you about all the wonderful things this gorgeous car has to offer, I am going to post photos of those fabulous features and then I am going to weep tears for this gorgeous car because our time has come to an end and I have to hand her back over.

Now I will be honest with you - I have NO IDEA when it comes to talking cars okay. I know how to drive one (though some may beg to differ), but when it comes to talking the official language - well truthfully, that's when my eyes glaze over and you totally lose me.

If you want to know all the official details so you can sell your other half on why you simply just HAVE to own one of these awesome machines - check out the official Ford site and then come back and attempt to translate it to me. Actually no need, as having just driven this car around for a month, both my hubby and I and the kids for that matter are all well and truly sold on all it has to offer.

So what I am going to focus on are the features that made me fall so madly in love with this car.

First of all, just look at it for crying out loud! Is this car hot or is this car sizzling hot! Not an actual question cause we all know its hot! The particular colour I have been driving around is called Havana and it is a sexy and totally luscious Mocha colour.

Whoever designed the Ford Territory was one very smart cookie and if it was a male, I bet he got very lucky with the loving from his wife *wink wink if you know what I mean* as this car has all the big and little bits and pieces that are important to women.

A place to hold my sunnies so there is no need to scrounge around in my bag looking for them.

10 cup holders in total I counted, but most importantly a double cup holder big enough to hold my beloved travel mug. In fact I counted at least 26 storage compartment of some sort in this car and I'm sure I didn't find them all.

Short ass adjustment, which in more technical terms is a 4 way power adjusted seat.
And Oh my God the luxury of leather seats was to die for. 
To be honest I thought they would be cold, but can I tell you, Toasty Baby, Toasty!

See this Touch screen panel - it is command Central. I can control everything from this panel and for a control freak like me (did I just admit to that on the internet?) it is pure joy.
Kids locked in the car - Check!
Lights on / off - Check!
Hand free Bluetooth Speaker Phone connection - Check!
iPod Integration to listen to my tunes - Check!
am / fm / cd player - Check!
Passenger and Driver Heating or aircon otherwise know as Climate Control - Check!
Inside AND outside temperature gauge - Check!
Satellite Navigation to keep me from getting lost - Check it off Babeeee!

The boot - even with the rear seats up, has plenty of room to fit in all of my shopping.

And with the back seats down, we had room to fit in all of the kids scooters and skaties and stuff, with heaps of space to spare.
In fact you can fold ALL the back seats down so you can fit in the bigger items that a trip to somewhere like IKEA might require you to transport.

Now when it comes to the kids, this car has things covered. There was plenty enough room for me to separate them if they were, you know, breathing too much of each others air!

They were kept well and truly entertained with the DVD entertainment system that comes with 2 wireless headphones if you want to drive in peace and quiet, and better yet - I had full control over it with my little remote control.

There are 3 of these charger thingies in this car, so there is no need for the kids to argue over who needs to charge their iPods the most urgently!

When I am traveling through my day, the most important thing to me is the safety of my kids. See those three little faces below? They are my world and I love that this car cares as much about their safety as I do.

There are driver air bags, passenger airbags AND curtain airbags. 
I may be a bit of a worrier when I am on the road, but knowing my family has all that protection in the event of a crash, calms me enough that I can actually just enjoy the ride.

The reverse camera and sonar sensor ensures you are well aware of anyone or anything that is behind you. This alone is so much peace of mind when you are anywhere at all where there are little munchkins running around.

Apart from all the features, this car is a dream to drive. From the Cruise Control to something really fancy called Electronic Power Assisted Steering (OMG See Maz - I really listened!) which basically means it is so easy to handle and incredibly easy to park for a car of its size. 

I am not even going to pretend that I have any idea about fuel consumption and all that stuff, but I can tell you that being a diesel powered car it puts off fewer carbon emissions than equivalent petrol fueled cars - that's gotta be a good thing for the planet right? Right! AND you get over 650kms out of a fill of this car. Now for me this is totally a good thing as I have this neurotic phobia about filling up cars, so the less often I have to nag my hubby to do it for me - the better for all of us and I can save my nagging for more pressing issues!

Did I mention the big boot room means that even the chicken sausages can come along for the ride.
Look at her would you - She is soooo enjoying her 5 minutes of fame!

As a mum and as a woman - this car just gets me, it gets us.
Heck, that is not to be sniffed at either, as that is something that men have been trying to figure out for like forever! Yet one car, one very special car has it all figured out - It knows what Women really want!

Kidspot and Ford, I cannot thank you enough for the privilege and the incredible opportunity to be a part of all this. This has been the most incredible experience and I'm not just talking about driving that gorgeous car either!

To Beth (Babymac), Danielle (Dannimezza), Jen (Lovely Living) and Katrina (Katrina From The Blog) - Thank you! It has been such an honour and joy to be a part of this with you guys. You are all the most amazing and inspiring women and such awesome ambassadors for the Australian Blogging Community.

And last but most certainly not least, to you my readers - Thank you Thank you Thank you! For all your support, your encouraging words and kindness and for putting up with my overexcited outbursts. YOU are the reason I was given this opportunity in the first place because as I have said before, Life Love and Hiccups is nothing without you!

So for your final opportunity to go in to the draw to win the $5000 big buckeroos, just click on over and cast your vote for your favourite blog and Good Luck ..... Seriously Good Luck! xxx