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Monday 14 May 2012

Making Mothers Day Memories

Pin It Being a mum is a fabulous way to exercise your heart. From the moment you know you are carrying your own child - your heart swells and aches. It aches with love, fear, hopes and all the other precious emotions that bleed into your soul when you become a mum.

There's a quote I love:
Making the decision to have a child - its momentous.
It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.
Elizabeth Stone

Damn it Elizabeth - you are so so right!

When I think back to all the crazy antics I got up to in my youth (geez I sound like an old lady again), I feel bad for my mum. So many sleepless nights worrying what I was up to and hours spent cleaning up after me. Karma is a funny thing isn't it, as I now have three boys and I know that there are many sleepless nights and messy rooms ahead of me.

My mother is an amazing woman. She's strong and determined and she has a wicked sense of humour. She (as well as my Dad) are also responsible for the fact that I am walking around today and living the life that I am.

There is a longer story for another day, but when I was born, my mum didn't get to take me home like all the other mums were doing with their new little bundles. I was born with physical conditions that would see me spend a good part of the first few years in hospital and have over 26 surgeries that continued up until I was 16.

As a mum I can only imagine how tough that was for her. It's certainly wasn't the life she imagined lay ahead of us when she was pregnant with me. But she continuously fed me her amazing courage and her relentless fighting spirit gave me the strength I needed to overcome the hurdles. That courage is a gift that lives on in our family today and tomorrow and for all the future tomorrows with my own children.

Happy Mothers Day Mum. Thank you for your love, your encouragement, your hugs and your support. And again I am so sorry for getting suspended from school for shooting that horrible kid in the leg with a popcorn gun. He really was an asshole though, so he really did kind of deserve it *ahem*. But I know you didn't raise me to be that way so .... anyway I AM sorry.

Mothers Day this year was spent celebrating with My Beautiful hubby and boys, My Mum and Dad and my Brother and his gorgeous wife and kids. We stuffed our faces on a fabulous lunch prepared by my hubstar and once again I was reminded just how lucky I am.

To all the Mums, including the ones who watch over us from above,- 
Happy Mothers Day! xxx


How did you celebrate this Mothers Day?

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