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Monday 16 December 2013

And So The Next Chapter Begins

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I am a bit of a sooky la la this week and I make no apologies for my sentimental gushiness.

It doesn't seem that long ago that this little boy, and my husband and I walked into school together for the first time. It certainly doesn't feel like it was 7 years ago *sigh* how quickly time flies.

I was a blubbering mess that day, 7 months pregnant, over the top hormonal and not at all thrilled to be handing my precious first born over to someone else's care.

I can remember him holding my hand tight that day and I held his even tighter.

I fussed over him, breathing in every last detail until finally we parents were asked to leave so that our children could begin their journey.

He seemed so little, too little even to be out in the world on his own without me by his side and for those first few months I used to clock watch for the six hours a day he was at school and every minute seemed to tick by so slowly.

When he came home from school, I would ply him with dozens of questions... "What did you do today? Who did you eat lunch with? Who did you play with?" Not much has changed really, I still ask him all those questions.

With each year that has passed and each milestone we have ticked off, I have watched this little boy of mine mature into a not so little boy.

Through the highs and the lows we have laughed and we have cried. I have hugged him with pride and screamed at him in frustration. We have fought over homework and sight words, assignments and rules. I have admired the grace in which he has carried himself and been inspired beyond words by his kindness, courage and determination.

As we come to the end of this chapter, the end of his primary years, I can't help but feel bittersweet and wish that time would slow down enough for me to soak up even more of every single moment.

It has happened too fast, these years have just flown by and I can remember so vividly sitting with my Dad on his back deck and encouraging Kai to take his first steps. I can still hear my Dad say to me "Don't wish your little boy away Squirt, they grow up quick enough on their own".

Dad was right, this little boy of mine has grown up quickly and on Wednesday, with his chin up high and his heart full of the most awesome memories, he will proudly walk out of his school and leave behind his Primary years.

And once again just as it was 7 years ago, I will be the blubbering mess trailing along beside him desperate to fuss over him and even more desperate to absorb every last detail of this significant milestone and lock it away safely in my heart.

Walk tall my boy, you have done us proud.

Where are you guys at with your children's school journey?
Are you just beginning, midway or ending / done and dusted?
Any advice for a newbie High School Mum?