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Thursday 12 December 2013

Decorating The Christmas Table - And Another Christmas Giveaway

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A: Why does Santa take his camera everywhere with him?
Q: Because he love's to take ELFIES!

This post is brought to you by Target

THIS is one of the parts of Christmas that I get most excited about - the gathering of my friends and my family to celebrate Christmas throughout the month of December.

The decoration of the table is high on my list of priority, way higher than the food and almost as high as the cocktail list. You see I figure so long as the table looks amazing, the cocktails taste good and the company is fabulous then everyone will excuse my crap cooking.

Yes that really is how my mind works.

Besides, its the creating part I enjoy the most and so I figure out a table design or a theme if you will, and I stick with the magic formula for every get together from then until Christmas.

I might mix it up a tiny bit with different flowers or moving this thing here and that thing there, but the underlying theme and the elements all remain the same... it's easier that way and one less thing for me to stress about when we have people coming over.

I have gone low key this year, simple silver, white, wood grain and a small splash of red.

The statement pieces on the table bring the bling and provide pops of silver from the reindeer and trees and the lanterns. The wreath is the centre piece and I have scattered fairy lights all over the table to make it sparkle when the sun disappears for the night. All the major pieces are from Target including the gorgeous lanterns which I totally freaked out my fellow shoppers with my squealing when I spied them.

The napkins, table wear and glasses are all simple and understated so that the rest of the decorations, the drinks and (hopefully) the food I serve are the stars of the show.

Last night we had our first Christmassy dinner for the year so it was the first run of the table decorating theme. It truly came alive after dark with the twinkle lights and we got that first real whiff of Christmas in the air.

So, do you likey? Would you fancy winning a $90 Gift voucher for Target so you can add the finishing touches to your Christmas table?

All you need to do is tell us a corny Christmas joke and my kids will pick a winner. I am presuming they will go with whoever makes them laugh the loudest so a heads up - the cornier the better!

The competition is open now and closes 19/12/13 at 7pm AEST

Follow the Rafflecopter prompts below to validate your entry and Good luck!

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