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Thursday 19 December 2013

Slumped, Slothed & Chilling Out

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I could think of a whole host of alternative titles for this post including, Totally Flipping Knackered, So Can't Be Arsed, School's Out - Make Your own Lunch and Hey Kids, it's The Holidays So Do Whatever The Hell You Please..... Just do it Quietly.

None of them seemed all that appropriate although every single one of them sum up how I'm feeling today. But then again if you also imagined me standing on a train track and a 12 carriage freight train knocking me over at 220kms an hour then that would kind of give you the same idea.

It's been a big week, actually it's been a BIG year and day 1 of the holidays couldn't have come sooner.

You know when you are hung over and you have that 'really desperate for sleep fuzzy head' feeling and you can see a whole lot of mess around you from your position on the couch but you just don't care enough to find the energy to actually get up and put it all away for the 50 millionth time... yep that. Except I'm not hung over on alcohol, just the year in general I think.

All the mad rushing around preparing for Christmas, taking kids to end of school functions, Christmas parties and sports get togethers, family functions, and tying up work for the year.... man it takes it out of you doesn't it?

December kind of reminds me of working my way through a massive pile of laundry. You soak and wash hang and dry and then finally you dump a shitload of clean washing onto the floor where it waits to be folded and put away. You are almost there, the washing is almost done, but you just need to find the motivation to get through the last bit and finish the job off.

That's me today lounging around trying to find that last bit of motivation. I'm relieved that I am almost there and the formalities of the year are almost done but I just need a day to sloth and build up the energy to finish the Christmas prep and tie things up for the year.

The 1st day of the school holidays is the perfect day for doing that and by that I mean nothing..... nothing much at all.

Skateboards lay scattered over the front lawn, wet towels are all over the floor and the house needs a vacuum.

But it's not gonna happen today.

It's 5 O'clock and the breakfast dishes are still sitting by the sink, the kids are going back and forth between the pool and the playstation and we are having God Damn toasties for dinner.

You seriously need a day like this at this time of the year, don't you. One where you just put your feet up and do nothing much but read magazines, fill out birthdays and important dates in a new diary with pretty pens and watch really corny Christmas movies.

Whatcha doing?