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Wednesday 19 October 2011

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting - Meet Kai-son and Sam-son

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Oh Dang - This was supposed to be wordless. I just can't keep my big mouth shut!
Linking up with My Little Drummer Boys for what was supposed to be Wordless Wednesday. Doh!


Karate fever has hit a pitch in our house. After hours of watching the Karate Kid movies over and over again, the boys convinced me to sign them up for Karate lessons.

Yes Sensai!

Who am I to argue because isn't that why Hubby & I work our butts off? To pay for all these whims?
Let's not go there now!

So last weekend 2 of my 3 dudes (the 4 year old is too young yet) were kitted up and bundled off to learn to how beat each other up with dignity and respect.

Seriously I was actually very worried that this was going to arm them with moves more dangerous than the WWE ones they insist on tormenting each other with, but we have only had one round house kick actually connect so far (unfortunately - it was in the nose), so we are doing OK (I say this with very little congruency).

All jokes aside - they have taken this karate gig pretty seriously and have been practising their moves every waking moment.

The discipline and respect components that they are taught are invaluable in my endeavours to raise well behaved gentlemen, and the comfort of knowing they are learning how to defend themselves and each other is worth the money for the peace of mind.

As with all things in our house, I have been of course getting my mileage out of this. I bribed them and said they have to do all their chores if they want to go back again next week, so bedrooms are being cleaned, dog poop is being scooped, laundry put away and homework is being done without a fight.

Oh Crap I lie - Homework being done without any arguing?? Who am I kidding!

So Mr Miyage - my wallet despises you, my boys idolise you and for the happiness I see them getting out of this - I thank you from the bottom of my Kung Fu heart.

Awww Grasshoppers! Pretend this is the Wordless Wednesday Part.

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