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Saturday 29 October 2011

So I have a little crush on the Sensei!

Pin It I am slightly embarrassed to be admitting to this, but in the nature of keeping it real I am going to go ahead and lighten my load..... I have a little crush on my son's Karate teacher.

This morning, when I was at Karate with my boys, I was sitting with a couple of friends - Mick and Nick ( I know it rhymes) who also have boys in the class.

I was sitting there quietly observing and sipping on my soy latte, whilst half heartily joining in the chatter.

Quite the innocent scene huh? Well it was until my pathetic little secret was revealed.
One of the Dads started a conversation directly with me that went kind of like this:

Nick: So Sonia... are the boys enjoying the classes?
Me: uh huh!
Nick: Yeah mine to. Its amazing how much they get into it isn't it?
Me: mmmm *nodding*
Nick: The guys really like the Sensei don't they?
Me: yeahhhh *my eyes have not yet moved away from the action of the class*
Nick: He's great with the kids isn't he?
Me: yup great *still nodding but not looking away from the class*
Nick: I guess it helps that he's so good looking too yeah?
Me: *silence from me apart from the sizzling noise as a hot flush spreads up my neck and stains my cheeks*
Nick: So is that why none of the mum's just leave their kids and come back and get them later?

I looked up at both Nick and Mick and they both looked back at me with huge grins on their faces. I did my best beetroot impersonation and turned my attention to the ladies in the room..
Admittedly there were a lot of woman there watching their kids take the lesson. I scanned my eyes slowly from one woman to the next and followed their gaze...

Whilst at first glance it appeared they were concentrating on watching their kids participating, a more focused look at them revealed that their eyes weren't actually fixed upon their little cherubs, nope they too just like me were watching the hunky young instructor.

I looked back at Nick and Mick and burst out laughing. "ah yeah he's not bad" I said "But he really is so good with the kids!"

When another girlfriend walked in and sat down next to us, I told her I had just been sprung crushing on the Sensei. Cath laughed out loud and said "yeah I spent the first 2 terms crushing on him too - what's not too like!"

So my friends, it seems the kids are not the only ones that thoroughly enjoy our Saturday mornings at Karate class.

A bit later on today and my hubby had just gotten home from work. I filled him in on the mornings events and when he enquired about Karate I told him that all the women have a crush on the Sensei.

His eyes narrowed and looked me questioningly "do you?" he asked.
"umm well kind of.... but he has to be half my age for sure, and its really only cause he is so good with the kids" I mumbled. Here comes that hot flush again.

So now I am sitting in my office writing this post and feeling really kinda embarrassed, like a school girl who just had her diary read out loud by her classmates.

Why would I have a crush on my kids Karate teacher?

Well I have it all figured out.

It is because when I was thirteen I had the most massive thing for Daniel (Ralph Macchio) from the Karate kid.

Oh this guy used to rock my boat. I had posters all over my walls of him and I spent hours listening to 'Glory of love' and daydreaming that I was Elizabeth Shue in the movie and it was me that he was fighting for.  I even wrote Sonia 4 Daniel on my pencil case (I liked his movie name better than his real name).

So there you have it - I don't really lust after my son's Sensei (well not much anyway). I am just allowing myself to take a weekly stroll back down memory lane.

**Note to my hubby:
Don't worry huni - Sensei has nothing on you, you are still my number one crush. xxx

Do you have a secret crush? Come on - spill it! :)

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