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Tuesday 25 October 2011

It's 'Only' Me ?????

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Last night I left a message on a friend's phone. It went something along the lines like this;

"Hi hun - it's only me. Give me a call back when you get a chance."

On the surface that message sounded perfectly normal, but when I hung up it struck me - Why do I always say it's only me, like I am not at all important?

Now I know it would be arrogant to say the least if I said "Hi it's the fabulous Sonia here so you just have to call me back". That would be completely egotistical and I would not be at all offended if the receiver deleted my message and my number at the same time.

But it got me to thinking, is the use of the words 'only me' a subconscious way of putting myself down? When did my ego become so fragile? I do not expect to be the centre of this friend's universe by any means, but 'Only Me'???? When did I start considering myself to be so UNimportant?

Maybe I am reading too much into things today - perhaps it is just one of those blah kinds of days and I am being melancholy and overly dramatic.

Even so, I know one thing though - next time I leave a message for someone, I will omit the 'only' and change it to "Hi - it's me" instead. As for 'Fabulous me' ??? I'll let them decide that for themselves as I have enough going on in my own head to worry about what other people think of me.

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