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Wednesday 26 October 2011

How to Shut Them Up.... For a little while

Pin It We all have those days where the kids just won't be quiet. The million and one questions, the nagging, the fighting, the squealing, the never ending demands of food, the tv is on, the radio is blaring, the dogs are barking - the constant noise just does your head in and you just want to scream at the top of your lungs SHUT UP!!!!!!

Breathe Sonia, just Breathe!

In our house of 3 boys, quiet is well... quiet doesn't really reside here. Even nightime brings it's own noise with all the farting and snoring that creeps out of the bedrooms, crawls along the walls and finds its way to me, the one lying awake trying to get some sleep.

But every now and then we get some quieter moments, usually in the evening and mostly on a Sunday night when they are just too damn exhausted to make much of a racket. Oh how I cherish those evenings.

*Cue the wicked cackle*

There is nothing better than a weekend of fun and activities to wear them down. Follow it up with a messy outdoor free for all Sunday night dinner to fill their tums and render them too full to speak. Oh my evil genius mind be settled.

This is when we at least get a glimpse of what quiet sort of looks like.

So here is our weekend in pictures.

Flynn went to the party dressed as Harry Potter, but after getting there and realising he was the ONLY boy, he decided a prince was much better, He ditched the hat and glasses and let his ladies serve him cake.

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