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Tuesday 28 August 2012

And a New Room is Born out of Boredom!

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I have been foofing around the house again. Cause that is what you do when you are house bound with a child who is recovering from surgery.

I get bored very easily with rooms and I like to redecorate areas of the house by shopping what I already have and making some new bits and pieces to boot. Its a female thing my husband and his friends tell me, and that's okay by me but I have to tell you that I have three little boys who were pretty happy to be on the reciving end of my recent bout of foofing.

We have this kind of nothing area at the top of our stairs outside two of the boys bedrooms. I call it a nothing area because it is just this weird void with an equally weird window that you have to stand on the couch to see out of. It is a sunny weird void though and cosy at night time too. So I thought it would be the perfect spot to make the kids their own TV / Playstation den that I too can hide away in occasionally when they are tucked up in bed.

The instructions from my boys were very basic "Please don't make it too girly Mum". Meh easy as!

I used my Super Easy cushion pattern to whip up some cushions with left over material I had lying around. Okay so one of the cushions has the word kisses on it, but if that's the only really visible  throwback to girly, I did alright in my books.

The Barn Stars were a bonus. I bought them ages ago for under $40 bucks for all three from a homewares clearance and then I promptly shoved them behind a door when I got home. As per usual, I totally forgot about them until I was scouting around for things to use in this room. See there is merit to my madness of stashing my purchases.


I'm thinking it needs a wall of full length soft billowy curtains or something to break up that back wall and hide the weird window shape. I guess I'll have to start googling how to make curtains now and add that to my every growing project list. But for now these little lanterns hung under the window put off a cute ambient glow at night and adds to the cosiness.

The fabric canvas I did a few weeks back when I did the cushions and was again using left over fabric. You can find out how I made the easy canvas wall art here if you are interested. It was a super quick, super easy and super satisfying little job for a project junkie.

And so my friends the moral of the story is ..... ummm ...... sometimes cabin fever can be conducive to getting stuff done and shopping and stashing can be a very fruitful and rewarding practise!

Do you shop and stash?
What's the best thing you bought, hid and rediscovered later?
What colour curtains do you think this room needs?