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Thursday 25 February 2016

How to Make Paper Flowers

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Oops, I meant to blog about this on Wednesday and now it's Friday. Holy batballs Robyn - what happened to this week? What's happened to this year?

Can you believe that we are heading into the last few days of Summer? Not that it feels like there is even a whiff of a hint of Autumn in the air just yet given the fact that I am sitting here writing with sweat literally running down my back.

Ewww, sorry. That's probably not the most glamorous mental image for me to encourage you to explore.

Let's talk about pretty flowers instead huh?!

Earlier this week, Tessa and I presented a workshop at Reed Gift Fair in Sydney and we spent a glorious hour teaching people how to fancy up your gift wrapping with various embellishments.

One of the things we taught our audience to create was the humble paper flower and their enthusiasm practically knocked my socks and knickers off!

I have to admit, they are pretty darn cute! 

Even better is the fact that they are like dead set seriously easy to make. Even my eight year old 'completely uninterested in anything other than football' son can pull these off with next to no help. 

In case you haven't made these before for yourself,  I thought I would share a quick DIY so you can learn how to make your very own paper flowers.

Step 1: 

Fold your tissue paper into squares until you reach a thickness that feels full in your hands, but you can still manage to cut with scissors.

Step 2: 

Freehand or trace a flower design onto the top layer of paper. Please don't worry about it being all perfectly shaped and stuff as I actually think the more imperfections, the more realistic your flower will look.

Step 3:

Cut out your flowers and separate them into piles of say approximately 20 sheets. I like to mix layers of white flowers into layers of pink to get a more textural look, and just a heads up - don't line up the flowers perfectly either, you want them to be loosely grouped together.

Step 4: 

Staple once into the centre of your piles... and now you get to start the fun part - the paper scrunching.

Start with the top piece and pull it up into the centre and away from the others layers, slightly crushing it at the base to keep the shape. Continue doing this to every layer with slightly less crushing on the final two layers.

All that's left to do is fluff your flowers up to achieve the finished look you would like.. and then go nuts and make a shitload more. 

You can top a gift with them, pop them on top of a pretty mug or cup or even stick some floral wire up through the centre of each one and form a paper floral bouquet. 

Spritz them with a little perfume to scent them up if that tickles your fancy... or you know if you are simply just as OCD as I am about these kind of things.

Happy flower making you guys!

DISCLAIMER: Serious House Envy Alert!!!

Win a Marble and Rose Gold Tea Set from Salt & Pepper

Proud As Punch We Are

Keeping Time In Style

8 Things I WON'T Be Doing Before I Die

Monday 22 February 2016

Eight Things I WON'T Be Doing Before I Die

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image source

I have been inspired by Holly from Full of Beans and Sausages who had been inspired by The Pyreflies to write a list of eight things I WON'T be doing before I die.

At first it kind of struck me as a little odd - I mean why waste time thinking about things that we don't want to put in our Bucket list?

Odd can sometimes be a good thing though, because the more I thought about it, my mind began to explode with things I have absolutely no plans at all on doing and before I knew it I was all "geez, only eight things?".

So here I am writing my very own list of eight things that you won't catch me doing before I turn up my toes.

Thanks for the inspo Holly!

1. You will never catch me sticking my head into something gross.

Nup, you won't ever catch me putting my head into a bucket of snakes, cockroaches, fish offal or eating anything even remotely as gross as what the contestants on shows like 'I'm a Celebrity yada yada' have to go through. If that's fame - well ahhh you can keep it thanks very much.

2. I will not run with the bulls.

Apart from the fact I cannot run to save my life, I really don't fancy being gored by a ginormous set of horns.. for you know... the fun of it?!

3. I will not go scuba diving. 

I'm far too claustrophobic to entertain that idea and being a mildly obsessive control freak and all that, I'm not all that keen on relying on a tank and mouthpiece to get air into my lungs.

4. I won't ever get rip roaringly drunk again. 

Been there done that and hangovers and I do not get along.

5. I will never again let someone else influence how I feel about someone else. 

I've done that you know... probably a few more times in my lifetime that I'm actually really comfortable admitting. I've kind of decided that I don't really like someone that I haven't even met yet because 'so and so' told me that they didn't think they were a nice person and that I should steer clear of them. On more than one occasion it turned out that I totally backed the wrong horse because its turns out that the person 'I was steering clear of' was actually quite awesome and it was the voice that was telling me otherwise that I should have been avoiding.

6. I will never have a threesome

Hells bells a simple twosome is kind of enough effort on some days so let's just leave that one alone then shall we?!

7. I will not have anymore children of my own.

Oh trust me - I am about the cluckiest person you'll ever meet and my ovaries practically explode every time I spy chubby feet sticking out of a pram. I'm also one of those weird women who pull really strange faces at babies in supermarket checkouts trying to make them smile or better yet ... laugh. Nuh uh, despite toying with the idea of a fourth.. we are done.

8. I won't let anyone walk over me.

I've allowed many people to do this in my lifetime because I have been to wussy to stand up for myself, not wanted to offend anyone or just wanted to avoid confrontation. But this past year, something clicked in me and I have realised that if I want my kids to stand up for themselves, I need to lead by example and walk the talk. And so I have been working on doing just that and damn it feels good, and better yet - for the most part I haven't really upset anyone by doing so... at least I don't think I have....

OK so your turn.

If you want to make a list of your own eight things - awesome! Let me know if you do and maybe link it in the comments below so that I can have a good old nosey.

If not a whole list, why not give me one thing, two or three even, that you will not be doing before you die.

Hit me with them?

Thursday 18 February 2016

Keeping Time in Style

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 image source:  Only Deco Love

Whenever I take a photo of my laptop or my desktop, you will generally always see the black and white clock screen saver on show and I am forever being asked what app it is or where you can get it from.

For those of you that aren't familiar with this, say hello to Fliqlo - a clock screensaver that makes your desktop or laptop look like one of those really cool old retro flip clocks.

Better yet, aside form looking good, it also keeps perfect time. That said, I was once asked by a client I had been meeting with if the clock was an app on my laptop that was keeping tabs and charging them by the minute. 

If only huh!

Fliqo is compatible with both Mac and Windows and doesn't cost anything other than a small donation to the company if you are so inclined.

You'll see these screen savers in so many stunning pics on Pinterest and Instagram and they are actually a pretty cool decor accessory in my humble opinion.

Here's just a little taste of what I am talking about to whet your appetite for some stylish time keeping.

images clockwise from top left: Only Deco LoveElanalooMr Paddington BearOh Happy Day

images clockwise from top left:Nice Things,  Planete Deco, Career Girl Daily

Making and Taking More TimeDISCLAIMER: Serious House Envy Alert!!!

Win a Marble and Rose Gold Tea Set from Salt & Pepper

Proud As Punch We Are

Monday 15 February 2016

Proud As Punch Of THIS We Are...

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It was the beginning of the December school holidays... some thirty five years ago give or take a year, and I was but a wee little squidlet with very big dreams.

I was totally into Wham, wearing fluoro colours, and fuzzing my fringe into a masterpiece that stood high on the front of my head.

I desperately wanted to somehow make ten bucks so that I could buy myself a pair of fluoro pink sunnies to go with my off the shoulder Wham shirt and my fluoro green ankle socks.

Styling I was!

I racked my brain trying to figure out how I was going to raise the funds and eventually I came up with the brilliant idea of selling jars of peanut brittle to the neighbours that they could then give as Christmas gifts to their friends.

There was one small flaw in my plan.. OK more than one.

1. I had no idea how to make peanut brittle... especially peanut brittle that looked anything remotely like the packet of Darrell Lea peanut brittle I had shoved into a decorated coffee jar and passed off as home made peanut brittle that I was then pre selling to the neighbours.

2. I didn't have any more empty coffee jars to pack the peanut brittle in.

3. ummm I didn't have any idea how to make peanut brittle.

Despite the challenges I was facing, I actually still went through with this - such was my longing for those fluoro sunnies.

I knock on door after door taking orders and money for jars of peanut brittle from the neighbours... and before I knew it I had far exceeded my ten dollar goal.

And then reality set in - how the hell was I going to make all this flipping peanut brittle when I wasn;t even allowed to use the stove.

Back at home, an idea struck that was bordering on pure genius. Ahh perhaps 'genius' is too generous a word and 'desperation' would be better fitting.

I somehow convinced my Nanna to not only make all of the peanut brittle for me, AND empty all her jars of ginger and marmalade into containers so we actually had something to put the peanut brittle in.

I paid her some of the proceeds from the prepaid orders, the neighbours friends got their jars of homemade peanut brittle (that looked even better than Darrell's version) for Christmas and I cycled off to the shops on my rusty red bike to purchase my fluoro pink sunnies.

I'd call it a successful cross generational collaboration.

You may prefer to label it 'one hellava close call'.

Whatever name we give it, I believe it was the birth of my great love of collaborating and a hint of what my future held - a collaborative relationship with the gorgeous girls below, Tessa and Kate from The Cult List.

Kate and Tessa began The Cult List more than a year ago. 

Their story began when Kate designed a fabulous pair of pants and every time she wore them, people would ask her where they could buy them and so her and Tessa teamed up together and made those fabulous pants in various designs. 

They named the pants 'Party Pockets', created a business and website called The Cult List and within 48 hours of launching they had completely sold out of those glamorous pants.

Clever girls huh!

Late last year, I officially joined the girls and The Cult List officially became a team of three.  

Since then we have been madly working on opening our retail store in our warehouse in Brookvale, sourcing gorgeous goods to sell under our brand AND developing and expanding our very own designs in fashion, homewares and accessories.

And so that brings us to today and the reason I am as excited as a pup with two tails - We are SO thrilled to share with you our latest creations - our Luxe Leather Handbags / Totes and coordinating Laptop Sleeves.

The totes and sleeves are all handmade from thick luxurious leather. They come in three different shade - tan, natural and black so you can mix and match your leather gorgeousness and the laptop sleeves can be personalised with embossing of up to five letters.

The Laptop sleeves are available to order here and the totes are available to pre-order for March delivery.

You can view our full range of luxe leather goods as well as all the other goodies we stock at The Cult List by visiting our website here. And whilst your there, don't forget to sign up to 'The List' so that you are the first to hear about our new releases.

So it turns out my first sticky peanut collaboration all those years ago may have sparked something in me - a desire to be a part of something bigger than just me, and a desire to be a part of creating things others would love to buy as much as I would love to own.

Whilst my Nan (bless her dearly departed heart) was a brilliant and selfless collaborative partner, it turns out the two people I was destined to partner with - Kate and Tessa - were waiting somewhere, some 30 something years in my future.

Proud as punch of this we are...

If we do say so ourselves.

Got any shady peanut brittle type stories from your past?
Do tell - I promise we wont tell anyone else ;)
What do you think of our new leather range?

Date Night - There Really Is Such A ThingMaking and Taking More TimeDISCLAIMER: Serious House Envy Alert!!!

Win a Marble and Rose Gold Tea Set from Salt & Pepper

Friday 12 February 2016

Win a Marble and Rose Gold Tea Set from Salt & Pepper

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Congratulations to KAYLEY NORTON - you had me at G and Tea 

Hellloooo Friday, man am I pleased to see you...

And you guys too of course! That just kinda goes without saying.

Who feels like someone snuck and extra five days into this week?

In other words it feel like it has been a really loooong long week.

I've had an abscess on my wisdom tooth and for the past three days, (sorry I hope you've eaten) and I have literally felt like my head was going to explode.

I honestly feel like such a proper goose when it comes to how I discovered the abscess in my mouth.

In fact I can hardly believe I am about to tell you about this story because the truth be told - I feel like a complete moron who probably shouldn't be allowed to call herself a adult.

It all started after I had been out to an event on Tuesday night... in the car on the way home from the event I said to Kate and Tessa that "my jaw actually aches from smiling so much tonight."

We kind of laughed about it (which I have to say made it hurt even more) and then I went home to bed legitimately thinking I had somehow managed to strain my smiling muscles.

Over the next 24 hours, the pain really hiked it up a notch or ten and I spent all of Wednesday night crying in bed.

Actually I spent the night alternating between crying and punching my husband who was snoring so loudly and irritating my already agitated nerves.

I finally took myself off to the doctors yesterday morning who informed me I had myself a rather nasty infected abscess in my mouth and then stuck a needle in my gum, whacked me on a whole lots of pain killers and antibiotics and sent me on my painful way.

Sprained smiling muscles?

I know...

I can't even.

On another completely unrelated note, my infatuation with marble and copper and rose gold has not subsided even the slightest bit since I developed my pre-Christmas obsession.

If anything, it has deepened... mostly thanks to these gorgeous marble teacups and saucers and rose gold tinted teaspoons I was sent from Salt and Pepper.

I love them so hard that I decided that they were completely worthy of their own little styled photo session, followed by a fancy shmancy afternoon tea for my kids and I when they got home from school.

Two of my boys thought I had completely flown the coop for even suggesting such a girly affair but happily scoffed the muffin props anyway. The other child asked if we could also have margaritas.

Yes, I clearly need to address that.

Marble and rose gold is totally hot right now when it comes to home wares, and Salt and Pepper has such a gorgeous range to support this trend including everything from dinnerware to clocks and vases.

You can purchase Salt & Pepper's various goodies from a huge range of stockists, but the easiest thing to do is enter your postcode here and find a stockist close to you or one that home delivers like Domayne.

You can also follow Salt and Pepper on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with their newest releases and styling and decorating tips too... or just simply drool over their gorgeous imagery.

Whatever floats your boat.

Now of course I am not going to flash my fancy pants teacups and spoons all over the blog without having a set put aside for one of you guys to win for yourself right?

Of course not!

The lovely team from Salt and Pepper agree with that too and so they have given me an extra set of 6 marble tea cups and saucers and 6 rose gold teaspoons for one of you guys to win too.

All you need to do to enter is leave me a comment telling me whats your favourite tea ritual.

I mean we all have one don't we? 

Do you like to act all civilised when you drink tea - with proper table cloths and yada yada? 

Do you prefer with your feet up and and drinking your tea whilst reading a magazine. 

Do you guzzle it on the go, reheating it two or three times before giving up?

Or do you hide something else in your teacup ... like some coping cordial?

Tell me - What's your tea drinking ritual?
Do you even have one?

Terms and Conditions - Blah Blah
Competition is open to Australian residents only sorry
Competition is open now and closes at 7pm AEST on 19th Feb 2016 
The winners will be announced on this post and contacted by email where possible.
You will have 3 days to contact me to claim their prize or the prize will be redrawn.

Ummm HelloWorries Be Gone - Worry Doll Giveaway

Date Night - There Really Is Such A ThingMaking and Taking More TimeDISCLAIMER: Serious House Envy Alert!!!

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Disclaimer: You Are About To Be Struck Down By Some Serious House Envy

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Let me start by apologising for the severe case of house envy you are about to be struck down with.

Actually... it's a kind of sorry / not sorry type of situation because Hell's Bell's this beautiful home has been haunting my dreams ever since I first copped an eyeful, so I kinda figure that if I have had to deal with it well then... um sharing is caring.

Last week I watched an episode of Grand Designs Australia where a couple and their son created their home of their dreams - as is of course the whole point of that show. They built a stunning pavilion style home with a ginormous flat roof and rooftop succulent garden in the traditionally more conservative Hunters Hill area.

As I sat and watched in complete awe - it was pretty much love at first site and I now have a full blown thing for flat roofed pavilion style homes.

As you do.

I have since spent far too much time wondering how we could transform our own more traditional two story pitched roof home in the suburbs into some kind of wallless pavilion style extravaganza... on ahhh next to no budget.

So far I haven't come up with anything other than realising that I'll need to win lotto and completely bulldoze our existing home and I a now suffering from some deep rooted home envy.

This magnificent Californian abode I stumbled across when I was researching flat roofed pavilion homes on the Internet certainly didn't help in the envy department.

This stunning residence was designed by the award winning Jensen Architects and belongs to some very lucky people - the Turner family.

They don't know it yet, but I am working on my pitch to convince them to either;

A: adopt me and my husband and kids
B: lend us their gorgeous home for a month a year in return for me ummm blogging about it or something?
C: move onto their project and just give us this home
or D: well I don't have any more plans beyond A, B or C yet.

I really have no more to say on this matter, besides the pictures below will speak for themselves.

So with that said - I'll just back away now and leave you to be infected with some house envy of your very own and then figure out for yourself how you too could possibly get away with removing the walls at your own joint.

Happy drooling!

Have you ever become obsessed by a home design and the desire to radically change your home with zilch money to spend to actually make it happen?
Do you think they have Mozzies in California?

Home designed by Jensen Architects | All imagery by Mariko Reed

Monday 8 February 2016

Making & Taking More Time

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One of the things I promised myself I would not do this year, is use the excuse "I don't have enough time".

It actually makes me cringe just how much I have abused those five words in the past. 

I mean hey, in my defence it IS the perfect excuse to avoid getting off my ass ass and doing some exercise, or to avoid having to sit through a wisdom tooth extraction or even getting out of having to take a bunch of over hyped kids to watch movies like Frozen (although thankfully mine are now beyond this and on to far more exciting movies like the Minion movies and Star Wars (KILL ME NOW).

On the contrary, It makes me sad to think about how many things I have missed out on because I seriously believed I didn't have the time to fit it in. 

You know family stuff or time spent with friends and such.


As much as I despise the feelings that are often associated with time lines - like deadlines and being on time and running out of time etc, I am fully aware that a bit of careful structuring of the hours in the day could actually mean I recover some precious minutes... hours even.

In my pursuit of making and taking more time, I sat down the other night and wrote out a list of ways I could snatch back some more time in my day for myself.

Now whether I use that time to finally getting around to having that wisdom tooth pulled out, losing my ass, relaxing with friends and family or simply staring off into space whilst dribble runs down my chin is irrelevant really. 

Just knowing I have that time up my sleeve to use how I see fit on any given day is the reward in itself and not to mention the benefit of reducing some of the time related stress.

So here's how I figure I will manage to make and take some more time for myself.

1. Get Organised.
Yup keeping the house tidy and organised and preparing stuff the night before will mean less time wasted trying to find things and running around in a tizz in the morning. 

I am far less stressed and way more motivated when I am organised and not surrounded by clutter.

2. Keep Up Those Lists
Ha. I am a notorious list maker, and as long as I don't waste too much time writing and rewriting those lists (which I have been known to do) then my lists should help to keep me on track with knowing what I need to get done each day. 

Same goes with menu planning and shopping lists etc - a little bit of time spent in the planning department will save a whole lotta staring off into space whilst I wonder what the hell I'm going to cook and need to buy blah blah blah.

3. Multi Task it Baby
I have shared before my Sanity Folder which I take with me everywhere. This folder allows me to make use of the time I spend sitting around waiting for kids, waiting for appointments or even sitting in traffic. 

Now if I apply that same concept to every day tasks then, sweet baby cheeses I could be like a God Damn productivity machine! 

I mean let's face it - I really could clean out that kitchen drawer whilst I cook dinner, ring back that friend whilst I hang out the washing and I could even fold the washing whilst I watch Vanderpump Rules... 


no... That show NEEDS my full attention.

4. Avoid Interruptions
I have taken to switching my phone onto silent and not having any extra tabs open on things like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook whilst I am working because man those sites are time suckers. 

I have also trained my family and friends to know that even though I work from home, surprise surprise I am actually working, so popping in for a surprise visit won't always guarantee an enthusiastic reception from me. 

My goal is to give whatever I am doing - my 100% focus... including when it comes to spending time with family.

5. Make The Most Of My Productive Times.
Let's face it - I never have been and never will be a morning person, so setting myself a schedule that sees me working on an important project first thing in the morning would be about as useful as a keg of beer with no tap. 

I have realised that the afternoon before the kids come home from school and evenings after they are in bed are probably my most productive hours... so that's when I plan on tackling those things that require me to use at least half of my brain.

6. Take Bite Size Chunks.
Let it be known that I spent pretty much ALL of yesterday cleaning out our house. 

It was a gorgeous sunny day that was just begging to be enjoyed... although that being said I was burnt to a crisp from spending Saturday in the sun so I couldn't really go outside anyways... but that's beside the point. 

Why waste a whole day on something like cleaning when I can tackle it in bite size chunks? You know like cleaning a room each day or sorting out on cupboard a week. 

Apart from the fact I wont lose a whole day to the task, bites size chunks sounds far more appetising then trying to tackle the lot in one sitting.

7.  Get Help / Accept Help
I am such a 'nah I'll do it myself' kind of gal... but WHY?

No seriously WHY? 


Control Freak Issues?

Probably both!

If someone offers their help or there is an opportunity to get some help then hello, I am no longer going to turn my nose up at it. Enough said.

8. Say No
Yeah yeah... work in progress. Say no more.

9. Avoid Procrastinating.
This one practically hurts to write because procrastinating is literally one of my favourite past times. However, if I think about all the added time pressure I put on myself my putting off the inevitable or leaving everything to the last minute... well it's enough to make my head explode twice over. 

Nup procrastination has to go. 

I'll simply have to get everything done first before I waste hours on faffing around the house, creating or Googling shit.

10. Clock Off
This one was the biggest smack in the face realisation for me. 

As a business woman, as a mum, as a friend, as pretty much an everything, I need to set myself boundaries and stick to them. 

If I don't set myself a finish time for work, there is a good chance I will continue to work into the night. 

If I don't insist that the kids do their homework during homework time, then they'll end up doing it and begging me for help when we are supposed to be doing something else.. like relaxing! 

And if I don't want to be on the phone to people at 10pm at night or answering emails after a certain time, then I need to stop taking the calls and answering the emails and reset the boundaries... it's as simple as that.

I have no idea how this careful planning is going to pan out for me... ask me again in a few months time, but I figure just being more aware of the time I spend doing things or NOT doing things is pretty much half the battle won.

How about you - are you any good at managing your time?
Got any awesome tips you could share with us?
How would you choose to spend an extra hour a day?

I just want to use this perfectly timed post (pun TOTALLY intended) to do a little shout out to Jord Wood Watches who were kind enough to send me a gorgeous Maple watch over Christmas WHICH I have to say I pretty much have not taken off since it arrived.. apart from swimming and showering of course.

Jord is run by artists and creators, designers and marketers who spend their days (in their words) “creating, considering, arguing, and hopefully agreeing. Then we'll scrap it all for the joy of starting new.”

Jord wood watches are all-natural handcrafted wooden watches that not only tell the time - they tell a story.

Given Valentine's Day is just around the corner I thought I would share my pick of the ladies range of watches starting from just $129. But don't take my word for it, check them out for yourself.

Best Wooden Watch

Thursday 4 February 2016

Date Nights - There Really Is Such a Thing

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Last year on our wedding anniversary alllllll the way back in January 2015, the hubby and I sat together in a restaurant on a rare evening out together. 

We clinked glasses and toasted to ourselves and our marital awesomeness and then looked around with excitement and wonder at the fact that we were on a night out by ALL BY OURSELVES. 

It was a proper kind of date night, with no kids playing sword fights with cutlery, sculling jugs of pink lemonade and fighting over who can play with my phone... well none of our kids anyway.

Yup, we were feeling and acting like fair dinkum bonafide grown ups, and we made a promise to ourselves right there and then that we would go on a date night at least once a month all by ourselves for the rest of our lives.


So that was last January and do you know how many date nights we have been on since then?



One of the two was actually a whole year later and it was a lunch to celebrate THIS year's wedding anniversary so I'm not really sure it counts does it???

I am forever reading about and watching people in magazines, books, TV shows and movies getting all glammed up to go out on romantic date nights with their other halves. and then there's me who has spent the last 14 years wondering "How the hell do they manage it? 

A: How do they find the time? 
B: Who looks after the kids? 
C: How do they make it out of the door without the kids hanging off their legs?

Thankfully this year we have reached the age where child labour my oldest son babysitting is now an option.

It still costs me... $20 bucks a night to be precise and he does prefer us to be home by 10pm... 
but that's cool, we can work with that. 

$20 bucks is nothing added to the cost of dinner and a few uninterrupted drinks and as for the curfew???? Pfft I would be falling asleep face first into my 'sex on the beach' if I was to stay out later than 10pm anyways.

Armed with our new found determination to make this date night thingymajig work, we recently headed out to dinner to The Flying Bear Cafe at Kirribilli.

This joint has all the makings of a perfect night out; the idealistic waterfront setting, gorgeous scenery, disgustingly expensive mansions to ogle whilst you sip your cocktail from the impressive bar, food to make your saliva glands go completely ballistic and smooth tunes in the form of groovy live music playing during the sunset sessions from 6.30 8.30pm Tuesday to Sunday throughout Summer.

Yep I reckon it pretty much has it all.

The Flying Bear Cafe and Foys Resturant are located at 76 McDougall St, Kirribilli NSW. It is available for weddings and functions and entrees start at $4, mains start at $18 and desserts start from $11. 

There is also a kids menu but I say screw that - leave the kids with the manny, nanny, aupair of bribed sibling and treat yourselves to a night out instead.

Go on. 

At least once a year anyway!

When was the last time you went on a date night?
Who looks after the kids?
Do you make it a regular thing?