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Thursday 28 February 2013

How to be a Procrastinating Wanker .... AND Kill Fruit Flies!

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I wasted at least 10 minutes of my life yesterday trying to catch Fruit Flies. Yep 10 minutes I will never get back again, spent trying to swat, grab, spray and squash those painful little .... ##$#$!

We never usually have too much of a problem with these things because the fruit in our house doesn't usually last longer than 5 minutes. Ok slight exaggeration, but it does get eaten very quickly so I have no idea why all of a sudden we woke up to find loads of these little gnats swarming around our kitchen.

I can only presume they got stuck into the vodka and all the stuff that I cant have whilst I'm on this diet and then decided to invite their friends around for one hellava fruit fly orgy.

And then have babies.

So after I wasted those precious 10 minutes of my time unsuccessfully trying to kill these things, I did what every good procrastinating girl who should be working and doing laundry and loads of other more pressing tasks does ..... I wasted another 10 minutes Googling how to annihilate these suckers and then yet another 10 minutes making a Fruit Fly trap.

Oh but not just any fruit fly trap. If this little baby was going to reside in my kitchen, it had to look half decent.

And so I decided to spend yet another 10 minutes putting together my pretty Death Trap and then to be a complete wanker .....  I proceeded to take some photos so I can blog about it.

Can you tell this diet is making me a little loopy?

Actually don't answer, just admire my Fruit Fly trap and congratulate me on being environmentally friendly and humane.

Oh and let's not mention the part about how I didn't read that you need apple cider vinegar and therefore my fruit fly trap was really nothing more than a pretty jam jar with vinegar in it... OK!

I can hear those fruit flies mocking me.

So if you want to make a Fruit Fly Trap that actually works, here's what you need.

* A jar of some sort *
* A square of plastic (I used a Glad sandwich bag and cut a square out) *
* A rubber band *
* and some APPLE CIDER vinegar (not freaking home brand white vinegar) *


Simply put some of the vinegar in the jar.

Cover it with the plastic and make sure you tightly wrap a rubber band around the top. 
You don't want those little suckers getting out and having sex in your kitchen.

Poke a whole in the top because the idea is they fly into the jar to get to the vinegar and because they are intelligently challenged (DUMB) gnats, they cant get out again.

Pretty your jar up with some raffia or ribbon and place it next to your fruit bowl. 
Then grab your camera and proceed to photograph and blog the crap out of this inane little project.

And that dear friends is all the time we have for wanking today. I have a shitload of real work to do!

** Unfortunately NO Fruit Flies were harmed in the making of this blog post. Most likely because I used the WRONG BLOODY VINEGAR!!!!!!

 How do you like to spend your procrastination time?

Wednesday 27 February 2013

Cause Every Colour Counts

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I got out of bed the wrong way yesterday .... I kind of fell out in a heap on the pessimistic side of the bed, which one could argue is every side of the bed because let's face it - I just don't like getting out of bed.

It's not that I am not looking forward to the day ahead, its more because I just love my bed and sleep and I'm lazy .... or I just wasn't feeling it that particular morning. Whatever - either reason works for me.

So what has this all got to do with colours and pretty pictures of felt balls you ask?

A lot really. You see I have a little addiction (yes yet another one) to little coloured felt balls. I often get asked on instagram where I buy my felt balls from and in case you too are interested, it is FELT FOXES on etsy.

I have a big jar of these in my office and when I am bored I like to make pictures with them or just randomly pick out colours to reflect what I am feeling.

I love to thread them onto cotton and make little garlands for around the house. Not only does it create gorgeous little surprise pops of colour around our home, the act of the threading them is therapeutic in itself.

Seriously, just try it.

When my kids get home from school I am usually tucked away in my office working. They come in for a hug and a quick chat and often they ask if they can choose a coloured ball to thread.

"Just one" they say.

And of course the answer is yes, but on the condition that they choose a colour that reflects how they are feeling at that very moment and share with me why they chose that particular colour.

Most days (fortunately) they pick a nice bright colour and tell me of how happy they were when they played handball with their friends or they did well in a test at school. But occasionally they pick a dull colour and talk about how something got them down that day or made them sad.

I tell them that's OK to feel like that every now and then. Those days, those dull colours are just as important as the bright ones because without them, we cant see how truly magnificent the brightly coloured balls are.

And just like the dull brown felt ball I chose to thread yesterday morning when I got out of bed feeling blah, those dull colours will disappear into the bigger picture. They are there but they are not overshadowed by the  gorgeous shades, by the brighter days.

And when you look at your life like a piece of art or a colourful felt garland, you realise that every day, both good and bad, adds depth and definition to your life. Every moment whether happy or sad is important.

Every colour counts.


What colour are you feeling today?

Tuesday 26 February 2013

The Day My Heart Burst and Exploded Gooey Mushy Mother Pride

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There are always going to be days when the kids just completely send you around the bend. You know the drill - They bicker and fight and they are just plain unco-operative.

Those days suck.

On days like that I can't help but feel like I have failed in some way as a mum and to make matters worse, everywhere I look there seems to be perfectly behaved children appearing ready to rub their saintliness in my face.

I know that pretty much every household has those days, and I also know that apart from a wee minority, the rest could be accused of lying if they said their children were perfect angels all the time.

At least that's what I tell myself.

And then there are the days when your beautiful children make your heart swell with so much pride that you think that your heart is surely going to burst. On those days you allow yourself to fist pump the air for an exhilarating moment as you rejoice in the fact that Hallelujah, I did actually do something right with that kid!

We had one of those days last week and on Friday morning I was silently fist pumping the air as I watched my Flynn receive an award at the school assembly for being such a kind and caring friend.

And as if you think that watching my little 5 year old get up in front of the school with a 1000 mega watt smile couldn't get any better.... it could.

This moment was made even more heart melting was the fact that my oldest son who is a Vice School Captain, was presenting the awards that morning with the Principal. And the pride and joy on his face when he read out his little brothers name, will be one of those moments I will never ever forget.

Flynn really struggled in his first 2 weeks of school. He loved it once he was there and they got started with their day, but the separation first thing in the morning was just to much for him to bare and every day began with heart breaking tears.

Last week things suddenly turned around and whilst there was still the trembling lip, there were no tears.

I mentioned to him on the way home from school on Friday about how impressed I was with how strong he has been with all this school stuff this week, and his response to me as he sucked on his cola slushie and stared out the window was  "I can't cry anymore, I have to be brave for my friends who are still sad".

So that's how he did, overcame the tears that is. Bless him, he focused his attention on helping his new friends who were sad and in turn as a totally unexpected bonus, he helped himself.

Oh . My . God! I think my heart burst out of my chest and exploded gooey mushy mother pride all over us.

Double Fist Pump, high fives and cartwheels.

Whilst I am in no way thinking I can take credit for that beautiful little mind of his, surely I must have done something right..... right?

I'm gonna run with it.

At least on the days when they behave like little turds.

Have you had any Mummy melting moments lately?
Do you also get a sore neck watching your kids flick between Jekyll and Hyde?

Its been a while since I have joined in any link ups but one I do love to follow is 
IBOT over at the gorgeous Jess's place Essentially Jess

Monday 25 February 2013

February Fabulous Reviews and Giveaways

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*** Please see the bottom of the post for the winners details. ***

Hi there lovelies. Yes I was a complete slacker in January and I didn't run a Reviews and Giveaways post. Bad me, but I promise I am going to make it up to you this month's post. 

So without further adieu - let's get started shall we.


Back in the school holidays my kids and I were invited to attend the Glad Sandwich Masterclass at Food Wine and Design in Leichardt. It was an hour long hands on session where the kids learned to make their own healthy Lunchbox Masterpieces like the Angry Birds Sandwich above.
My boys need a bit of variety in their lunch boxes otherwise they come home with it untouched. We like to mix it up with Sandwiches and salads and the current fave is the Pinwheel sandwiches you can see in the picture below. 

Pinwheel sambos can be made with so many different combos including banana, tuna and mayo, smoked Salmon and cream cheese, even cheesy mite. If you are clever about your topping choices you can even make these ahead of time and freeze them. Bonus!
The Glad Australia Page on Facebook is a fabulous place to find ideas and tips and they are often running exciting competitions you can enter too. 

The Glad website is also an awesome place to find videos and recipes - you can check out the Glad website here.

Speaking of competitions, Glad have offered up the following pack for one of you guys to win. The lucky winner will receive,

3 x GLAD Baking Sheets
3 x GLAD Snap Lock reseal sandwich bags (pack of 50)
3 x GLAD Snap Lock Mini sandwich bags (60 pack).
3 x sandwich cutters
6 x edible markers

TO ENTER: LIKE GLAD Australia on Facebook and please say hello whilst you are there. Then leave me a comment here on this post to tell me you would like to win this. Don't forget to include your email if you are not a registered commenter - I need to be able to contact you to tell you if you win!

It is no secret I am a HUGE Glasshouse Fragrances fan and their latest Fragrance KYOTO has not disappointed me in way shape or form. This gorgeous Camellia, Amber & Lotus fragranced candle was inspired by the ancient Zen temple of The Golden Pavilion and it's beautiful strolling garden. It is sensual and romantic, perfect for all you luverrrs out there ;)

Glasshouse are currently running a competition where you can win a Lovers Pack with over $1200 of Glasshouse Products. HELLOOOOOOO how to get my heart fluttering.

TO ENTER: This Competition is being run by Glasshouse on their Facebook Page so to enter to win a Glasshouse Lovers Pack valued at over $1,200 - Click Here. Entries close the 28th February at 2pm AEDST so be quick!

OK we are nearly 6 years post baby in our household and I have yet to regain the body I had pre kids. I most certainly do NOT like my current shape or even my mind set on many days. I lack confidence when it comes to my body, so when the Lean Mumma book arrived in my mail box, it got my attention straight away. 

I'll be honest - I haven't worked my way through the whole book yet but what I have read and done so far- I Love! Its no secret now I am eager to lose the junk in my trunk, but this system is also about getting leaner and fitter emotionally and mentally too.

The Lean Mumma proven 5 Step System  to regain your body and love your life after you have had a baby was written by mother of two - Marina Perry-Kuhn. It is not just a book you pick up and read, it is more like a workshop and workout that you can do at your own pace with the added bonus that it recognises that most of us woman are time poor. Finally someone gets us right?

As you work through the book you will learn the secrets to:

  • Gaining a flat, tight (zero bulge) tummy
  • Banishing back pain and enhancing posture
  • Lifting, firming and strengthening your butt, arms, backs & thighs
  • Boundless energy, a positive attitude and unwavering self esteem and confidence.
  • Achieving vitality, health and wellness as a time-poor mother
If you would like to find out more about the Lean Mumma System, you can visit the webpage here. They have a sisterhood you can join, online trainers and a blog amongst other things.

The lovely team at Lean Mumma have kindly offered up a book and video pack for one lucky winner to recieve.

TO ENTER: LIKE Lean Mumma on Facebook and please say hello whilst you are there. Then leave me a comment here on this post to tell me you would like to win this. Don't forget to include your email if you are not a registered commenter - I need to be able to contact you to tell you if you win!


Giraffe Box is a fabulous idea designed to keep your kids entertained in a way that gets their minds and their hands all creative. Umm well anything that keeps my kids entertained AND gives them a break from all their electronics is a plus in my book.

The way it works is you subscribed for just $19.95 per month and each month you will be sent a box that contains 3 crafts and very clear instructions for your kids to follow. The great thing about Giraffe Box is they include EVERYTHING you need AND there are loads of supplies in case of mistakes. For just $6.95 extra per child you can add in extra supplies so that there is plenty to go around and no siblings miss out.

My boys did the Galaxy box and made little blow rockets and a hanging solar system which was a MASSIVE hit.

You can find out more about Giraffe Box by visiting their webpage here or take a look at their blog here where they share some fabulous crafting ideas.

One lucky winner will win a 2 month subscription to Giraffe Box valued at $39.90.

TO ENTER: LIKE Giraffe Box on Facebook and please say hello whilst you are there. Then leave me a comment here on this post to tell me you would like to win this. Don't forget to include your email if you are not a registered commenter - I need to be able to contact you to tell you if you win!

Any parent of kids who love Lego will be shivering at the familiar sight of the picture below.

Yep - Lego tipped from one end of the room to the other. Argghhhh. I don't know how many times I have trodden on a piece of Lego and discovered I know more swear words than I thought I ever did. 

The dogs have chewed and pooped Lego and we have had major meltdowns over missing pieces. Usually the missing pieces are a result of me going through the room with my Dyson and sucking up those strays pieces because I cannot be assed in picking them up..... but that's just between you and me right!

When B Organised sent me one of their brilliant Brikbag Lego Storage bags I may have hugged it and given it a big smackeroo. The kids were pretty excited too - especially the big guy who is fiercely protective of his Lego.

The fabulous Brikbags are a storage solution and play mat in one. You simply open the bag up and it converts into a play mat, when you are done just close the bag up again using the drawstring. Hallelujah - where have you been all my life???

Personally I think these are a great gift idea too - the parents of the kids you give one to will love you forever.

You can find all the details or order a Brikbag on their website here.
Now I have one of these Brikbags valued at $39.95 to give away so one of you are spared from learning just how many swear words you didn't know you knew.

TO ENTER: LIKE Brikbag on Facebook and please say hello whilst you are there. Then leave me a comment here on this post to tell me you would like to win this. Don't forget to include your email if you are not a registered commenter - I need to be able to contact you to tell you if you win!


Did you know that the kids that do well at school aren't necessarily the smartest kids? They may just be better at learning.

I don't know about you, but when I read that I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief and was pretty darn excited at the idea that I could teach my kids to be better learners. 

With one child just starting his learning journey, one who's Dyspraxia often hinders his progress and one who is preparing for High School - this was all music to my ears.

Bill Handley the author of Speed Learning for Kids is recognised internationally as an expert in children's study methods. In his latest Brain Training book your child will learn to;

Improve concentration 
Improve both short and long term memory
Think creatively and laterally
Speak to an audience without notes
Overcome nerves in tests and exams
Learn a language
Understand what they read as they read it

Have I got your attention now?

You can order a copy of Speed Learning for Kids on the Wiley website here. You will find all the information to completely convince you (like I have been) that this book is a must have for any household with school age kids.

TO ENTER: I have 4 copies of Speed Learning for Kids to Giveaway. All you need to do to enter is leave me a comment below telling me who you would like to win a copy for and I will select 4 winners.
So there you have it, some of the awesome products that have landed across my desk this month. Now don't waste a moment longer - get your entries in and good luck!

 Terms and Conditions
  • Competitions are open to Australian residents only
  • This is a Game of Skill and the winners will be chosen for their most creative answers.
  • Prizes will be sent to you direct from the Companies or PR Representatives.
  • All opinions are my own.
  • Please make sure you enter a comment for each prize you wish to win AND follow all the steps.
  • The winners will be announced on this post right here on my blog and contacted by email. They will have 5 days to contact me to claim their prize. If the winner does not make contact me the prize will be redrawn and a new winner notified by email.
  • The Competition is open now and closes at 7pm AEST Monday 11/03/13. 

Thank you to all the fabulous companies involved in this months Reviews and Giveaways post. The products I choose to submit in these review posts are products that have been sent to my family and I to try, or we have loved and are happy to endorse

If you are interested in having your product reviewed and possibly included in next month's Reviews Discounts and Giveaways post, please just send me an email to lifelovehiccups@optusnet.com.au. I will only select products to review and include if they are suited to my family and my reader's demographics.



Giraffe Box
Mel B

Leanne Baker

Glad Pack
Carolyn Mazzeo

Lean Mama Pack
Nyree Thomas

Speed Learning For Kids
Aleisha Davidson
Theressa Membry

Saturday 23 February 2013

How To Lose My Ass in 6 Weeks and Other Great Reveals

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Brought to You by Sure Slim.

OK its confession time. Watch the video below to see me spill my guts...literally haha.

HaPPY Saturday everyone.

Friday 22 February 2013

I'm a Zanax Free Ninja Knitting Nanna

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So the knitting is coming along well....... at least I think so! You may recall a few weeks ago I decided it was time I bit the bullet and finally learned how to knit.

I have been madly knitting away like a Ninja Nanna. Click Clack, Click Clack. I swear it is an awesome alternative to Zanax. Not that there is anything wrong with Zanax, but I tend to drool a lot when I am medicated, and I see monkeys...... I digress.

Knitting has done wonders for me, especially when it comes to refining my concentration skills. I can totally zone out and become completely absorbed in the knit one purl one routine. The noise that is the kids killing each other over who is going to earn the most money as a Professional Skateboarder is nothing but a mildly dull droning in the background.

The husband gets a little cranky at me from time to time. He is jealous of my knitting and I think he may feeling slightly neglected.

I should probably make sure I actually listen to what he is saying every now and then, because even though I throw in a mindless laugh or a nod when he clearly is looking for some kind of response from me, and even though that mindless laugh is usually suffice on at least on 9 out of 10 occasions, there is the odd occasion I really should pay a little more attention. Like when he tells me he is about to buy yet another surfboard on Ebay.

He has also made it very clear that no matter how much I try to convince him otherwise, knitting is NOT sexy in bed.

I'd like to say Knitting is my mid life crisis. It sounds nice and sedate as far as midlife crises go don't you think? But I really need the mid life crisis excuse to explain my recent frenzied online shopping sprees and my newly bulging wardrobe.

My children, whilst they originally joined me in my enthusiasm for knotting wool on some sticks are no longer quite so enthusiastic. They think I look a bit like a crazy woman when I am knitting and I stare at them with my 'I'm here but we both know I'm not really here' smile. My youngest says it scares him because he thinks a zombie may have eaten my brain.
Mental note *Letting a 5 year old watch his brothers play Call Of Duty whilst I quickly finish a few rows, is clearly not an ideal parenting technique.

The good news (for me anyway) is I now have something to occupy me whilst I sit at all their sports training sessions. I had 2 whole hours of uninterrupted knitting time at Karate last Saturday morning and as long as I do a thumbs up every now and then to show I can totally focus on my knitting AND my kids fancy new Karate moves, I think it is a win win for all.

Rugby training is a different story. The other evening I sat in my car reading a new knitting book I had picked up for myself and practicing some stitches. I wasn't totally unsociable, I did speak to people when they came up to the car AND I even stopped counting stitches to join in a few conversations through my car window.

My oldest son wasn't so happy with me though.

"Mummmmm, Do you HAVE to knit?" He moaned at me

"Geez it's so embarrassing" he continued before hitting me with "Why cant you just talk and drink wine like all the normal mums do at football training".

Sheesh - a woman just cant catch a break.

Next week I will make sure I take my knitting AND a glass of wine to Football Training, you know just to keep the kids happy and everything........

What is something you do that your kids find completely embarrassing?

Thursday 21 February 2013

Hello I Love You, Wont You Tell Me Your Name!

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Hello I love you, wont you tell me your name!

You know when you have a song stuck in your head and you sing it over and over and freaking over until you drive everybody batshit crazy?

Haha - You're welcome!

Sorry but you are probably going to be singing that song all day now and whilst I would like to apologise for doing that to you .... I can't. Because I have been singing it all night to the point my family want to have me committed, so its only fair that it's now your turn. :)

I am sure it comes as no surprise to you that I am completely inquisitive by nature. That really is just a very polite way of saying I am a sticky beak.

I love to ask like a zillion questions when I meet people and I am very fond of peering in through peoples windows as I walk or drive along the street of an evening. I'm not a peeping Tom ... well not entirely, but I do find some bizarre comfort in just observing people going about their lives. If I am being completely honest I also like to peek at their home decor and that is reflected in my obsession for home magazines.

That is part of the reason why I love blogs and instagram so much, because it is an open invitation to peek into peoples lives. No one is going to saunter up and confront me for being a busy body because well you invited me here. haha.

When I am at a coffee shop or waiting on the street or in the car for the kids, I like to people watch. No correction I LOVE to people watch. I am so beyond curious about who they are, what are they doing and what makes them tick. Why are they frowning, what are they laughing about, why do they seem so sad?

I would probably be locked up if I stopped everyone and started questioning everyone them as they momentarily pass through my life on the street, but it doesn't stop me from being curious about you.

Every day, usually 5 days a week I come to this blog and I spew my thoughts, my feelings and my stuff ups into a post. I share snippets of my home, my day and my life. I invite you into the lives of my family and to share in our successes and our failures, but all the while I am curious about you.

I trail the back of the blog for information about you. I know that over two and a half thousand of you visit me most days, I know that half of you come from Australia and a huge bunch of you come from the US and Britain. I know that there are some gorgeous people from Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, Sweden and France  visiting regularly and I know that there was even someone from Iraq last week.

I know what browser you use to visit me and I know how long you stay, but what I don't know about is you. Who YOU really are.

OK I know some of you *Hi Mum, Carl and Simone* and I know others through your own gorgeous blogs, but that is really only a very small percentage in the bigger picture.

So I want to know more about you and I would love it if you would share something with me about yourself. This is your place as much as it is mine and whilst yes this blog is a platform for me to typically overshare on, I also want to get to know you through here as well.

So please, humour me and share something, anything with me.

Where do you come from? Do you have kids, if so how many? 
Do you go out to work or do you work from home looking after your family? 
What do you like to do in your spare time, do you have any favourite hobbies? 
Do you like Vodka and shopping as much as I do?
Are you happy or are you sad and why? 
How did you find Life Love and Hiccups and is there any particular reason you like to visit here (please tell me cause I'll totally give you more of that if I know what it is). 
Do you have a blog? What is your blog address?

Come on, are you ready? Its your turn. Ready Set Go ..........

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Stealing Back More Me Time Through Online Grocery Shopping AND A free Weekly Meal Planner

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This is an advertorial post for Coles Online

One of the things I promised myself I would do for my family and for me this year was to make more time to do things we enjoy - even if it is just sitting around relaxing and doing nothing much at all.

Now clearly I wasn't born by immaculate conception so actually creating more hours in the day is pretty much out of the question. I have to find another way to grab back the time I waste on doing stuff ... like shopping.

Lets make it very clear I AM NOT referring to recreational or therapeutic shopping. No way Hozay - that type of shopping is permanently prescribed to preserve my sanity. I am more referring to the dreaded grocery shop.

The shopping part is not actually that bad, no really. Its the waiting in lines, lugging the bags to the car and then into the house and shopping with kids ...... arghh!

You know those gorgeous kids that walk quietly alongside their mum, keeping their hands to themselves and helpfully putting things in the trolley when mums hands are too full?

No me either.

My kids unfortunately are a nightmare to take shopping. One of them by themselves - no problem. 

All three? Disaster.

The lead up to Christmas was particularly catastrophic in the shopping stakes for us. I will never forget the day we were shopping for Christmas supplies and my husband and I were commenting on how eerily easy it seemed that day and how the kids were being little angels for once. As if right on cue the universe decided we were being way too smug, we heard an almighty crash and clanking. Feeling sick to the stomach we realised only 2 of our 3 offspring were in the aisle with us.

Yep he was responsible for that racket over in the canned and jar veggies aisle and when we heard the call for a mop and bucket we knew it wasn't gonna be pretty. I don't think we have ever finished a shop so fast in our lives before.

Oh and let us not forget the day I decided to test out a different supermarket, again with kids in tow. This trip saw my youngest end up with his tongue stuck to the freezer courtesy of a dare by his older brothers.

Is it any wonder the idea of saving time and sanity by buying online was pretty damn appealing to me?

Ok, I am going to be honest, when Coles asked me to try and review their online business, I was a little dubious. I had tried it once or twice when my oldest son was a baby and the experience wasn't that great.

Truthfully I cannot remember which company I used, but I do recall I didn't get the baby formula I wanted and God forbid they were out of stock of the Tim Tams this sleep deprived mama desperately needed.

Despite this previous experience, I agreed to give it a try with Coles Online - after all my last experience was 11 years ago and the whole online shopping was in its infancy back then.

Using my meal planner (you can download it here) I outlined all our evening dinners for the week ahead and then created a list of what groceries I needed. Even better I was sitting down with Of  Monsters and Men playing in the background (my fave album of the mo), a cup of coffee in hand and completely stress free.

Once I had added the household and personal items we needed to the shopping list I was good to go and logged on.

Now one of the best feature of the Coles online Shopping site - in my opinion anyway, is the Shopping lists functionality. You can create a shopping list so you do not have to search for the same items everytime you log back on. In fact you can create multiple shopping lists.

Because I have a rotating menu plan, I don't need the same products every week. I can create shopping lists to match the different menu plans and then all I need to do is just select the list that correlates to this weeks menu plan.

How easy is that!

You can find most of the specials that are in store, online as well and you still get your petrol vouchers if your spend qualifies for them so you do not need to worry about missing out there.

As for delivery, well that was the best part. It was as simple as selecting the day and time that suited me and that was it. Dust my hands off, make a margarita - grocery shopping is done!

When the groceries arrived, they were brought straight into the house and placed onto my kitchen bench for me.

Hallelujah - no lugging bags and trying to stop dogs from running out of the house as I come through the door with my arms full.

Everyone knows you cant just carry a couple of bags into the house. Nooooo you have to carry every single bag you can physically manage in one trip without your arms snapping off.

I may have unsuccessfully tried to bribe the nice young guy to unpack them for me as well, but hey - a Girl has got to try right?

The big clincher for me was the fact that every single item except for a plastic container was in stock. I didn't even need the container anyway, I just have a thing for them and when I saw they were on special I couldn't help myself - my hand just kinda clicked on the add to basket button all by its self.

Alright I will be honest - the in stocks were not really the biggest clincher for me. It was the fact they also home deliver coping cordial. Oh Yeah Baby - come to mama. You can get your wine and vodka delivered with your groceries too! Do you not love this day and age ..... seriously!

If you haven't tried online shopping with Coles for yourself yet, you've probably got a load of questions. If you click here, it will take you to their website where a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions is displayed.

Am I now an online grocery shopping convert? Well that is almost like asking me if I would like ice with my Caprioska - hell yeah!

*I was invited to try Coles Online shopping and was gifted a credit to my Coles account to use. All opinions are my own.

Have you tried online Grocery Shopping?
Are you a fan of it?