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Wednesday 29 February 2012

I Don't Think I Wanna Play Anymore....But I made you a Video

Pin It I won't write much more about this than to say THANK YOU for your gorgeous emails and comments, but I have decided I don't think I wanna play this sharing my head game anymore. Its getting a little crowded in there and I have a headache from all the thinking and quite frankly all the cluttered thoughts were clashing with my decor.

I'm sorry... I feel like I have failed this weird little experiment of mine, but I actually learnt a lot about myself from inviting you inside my mind. I don't think I'm overly shallow, I'm definitely kinda vain, very much cuckoo and not particularly comfortable with too deep.

I'm always happy to share my thoughts and feelings around here, including the good, bad and downright ridiculous - but for everyones safety and well being, maybe not in such a large single undiluted dose.

That being said, I think I'm gonna take my bat and ball and go home now.

Watch the Vlog, VeLog, Video thingy, you'll understand... I hope.

Life is more fun if you can focus on the good stuff and laugh at the shit.

And I'm sitting on a stool - not the toilet.......Seriously!

Tuesday 28 February 2012

A Week INSIDE My Head - My thoughts, My life, UNFILTERED. Day 3

Pin It I didn't kiss Kai goodbye before he went to school this morning, we were so rushed and I was cranky at him for being mean to one of his brothers. I hate mornings like that and now I'll spend all day wondering if he knows how much I love him. I need to tell Carl more often too. I'm such a crappy wife sometimes and I get so self absorbed. He's so patient and kind and helpful and thoughtful and I don't tell him enough the one thing I know he wants to hear from me.


I just looked at the photo of me on today's post and I look so old and tired. Those big bags under my eyes are telling me I need to get more sleep, but I need more hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done. Sometimes I literally feel like I am suffocating with how much I need to do in a day and I just want to hide away in a little ball somewhere and forget about all responsibility...but I don't have time to be a ball... to much to do.  I have to empty the dishwasher before I start work and fill out Flynn's forms.


The old guy in the nursing home behind our house is baaing like a sheep again. I like the way it sounds because when I close my eyes I can almost imagine I am in the countryside and not sitting at my desk working. I think I'll make a coffee and go and sit outside and listen to him for a little while and pretend I am on a little coastal farm for a while. It would be nice if he would make some other sounds to mix it up. A little mooing would be good.


I can't help but wonder about this mornings post. I promised myself I wont check stats and I wont look at any comments until tonight when I finish work. I am so scared everyone hates it and this is a stupid idea. Oh God what was I thinking? Too late now, I'm committed to this and I am kind of hoping I will learn a thing or two about myself in this exercise. One day I'll look back on this and laugh and  realise I'm a bigger nutter than I ever imagined. Oh Shit, what if one day by a freak miracle I become famous for something and someone drags up this post. Crap .... I hadn't thought about that. I can't believe I am even worried about that as the chances of me being famous are slim. I wonder if Julia Gillard ever wrote a blog?


I'm wearing my loose pants today, they are too big for me now and I really should give them away to Vinnies. But I like the way they make me feel and I feel skinnier than I know I really look when I wear them. I like the way I need to keep pulling them up. Maybe I'll just buy clothes that are 2 sizes to big so I feel good about myself all the time. I'm such a dork.


I just listened to someone have a big rant and rave about something I disagree with and I didn't say what I was really thinking. I hate that about me. Sometimes I think I sit on the fence too much. I have a big dent in my bum from sitting there. I have opinions, actually I have some really strong ones, but I am afraid of putting myself out there sometimes. I don't want to offend anyone so I just shut up and smile. I hate that about myself, I hate the dent in my bum and I'm envious of those who aren't afraid to say what they think and stand up for what they believe in. The funny things is I have no problem speaking up on behalf of my boys and Carl and family and friends. But when it comes to something that only affects me or my opinion, I'm pretty much gutless most of the time.


I just watched some video of myself and I feel like crying because I hate the way I look in it. My ass is so big and I could see my undies through my dress which means everyone that day knew I was wearing white grandma style undies. The picture I have in my head of myself is so much nicer than the reality. I think the picture in my head is more me at about 20 years old rather than approaching 39. It feels like time has just sped by me and he years have gone and I have just let them go. I wish I could have back some of the hours from the past. I would take more notice of them and enjoy them more and appreciate them for how precious and fleeting they were.


I can hear the kids laughing as they eat their dessert. I'm really pissed off  that I am still sitting here in my office working and they are out there having fun. I don't resent my job, just my inability to say no when it comes to taking on more work as with everything in my life..... I suck at saying no. I also resent I haven't won lotto yet. I made jelly in cute cups for the kids tonight as a surprise. I saw these little sundae cups at Woolies and they just reminded me of when I was a kid myself. We used to have these really long spoons and I used to eat Milo out of a cup with them. Actually I used to use them to eat Milo straight out of the tin too. I love the sound Flynn makes when he laughs, he sounds like a Woody woodpecker and it always makes me smile. I love those guys so much and I am mad at myself for breaking my promise to them that I wont work outside of normal work hours and take time away from them. I have to get this work done though......I'll make it up to them and Carl.


I found out a woman I know has Breast cancer today. That scares me shitless. She was so brave when I was talking to her on the phone and I cant help but sit here and try to imagine the fear she must have in her heart at the moment. I just checked my breasts in the shower. I hate doing it and I do it with my eyes closed like that is going to make it less scary if I was to find a lump. Thankfully I think I'm all good I think. I'm going to set up a reminder on my iPad to check monthly as I am really too complacent when it comes to this.


I'm crying again but for such awesome reasons. I am so touched and blown away at the same time by the texts and the emails and the comments I have received today about this little project of mine. I was so scared everyone was going to hate it and think I'm really stupid and my thoughts are just too weird to comprehend. There is one email in particular that touched me, from someone I do not know or have ever connected with online or offline before. She says that she can relate to my fears about the universe taking away the ones she loves as punishment for her not being a good person and that she lies awake at night worrying about it. I know that feeling, that fear. I'm sure she is a good person, I can tell by her words and the sincerity and honesty in the way she has written to me. Her email and all the others as well as the comments have humbled me and I once again I am so amazed how blogging can make the world a much smaller place, how words on a website can connect people who wouldn't have otherwise ever connected.


I'm tired and I just want to switch off my brain and watch some trash, but I am feeling guilty. I haven't replied to any comments on my blog for the past few days and I haven't visited and commented on some of my favourite blogs. I hope they don't think I have forgotten about them or am ignoring them. I cant help but laugh at the absurdity of the way I can find something to feel guilty about in pretty much anything. I wonder if other bloggers feel the same way, if they worry that they haven't commented on someones blog for a few days. You kind of feel like you are letting a friend down. I haven't replied to any email in my blog inbox, I hope no one is pissed of with me. Shit I forgot to pack the kids lunch boxes, fill out Flynn's Baptism forms and take the dog for a walk.....again.


I didn't get all my thoughts down today cause I was so absorbed in my work. I forgot to take any photos and for the Feb Photo a day challenge again. I forgot to write about how agitated I was with the computer technician and the million and one phone calls that kept coming in when I was trying to get stuff done. I also forgot to mention how I wondered for a while if my headache could be a brain tumour.

Its 1.15am in the morning and I can't sleep and I have never been more aware of how many thoughts pass through my mind on a daily basis, than I am now. It's exhausting giving those thoughts so much energy by stopping them in my head long enough to convert them into written words. It also means keeping some of those thoughts in my head for longer than I would normally allow. I need to learn to meditate, I saw some really cool Yoga pants the other day I could wear while I'm doing it.

Monday 27 February 2012

A Week INSIDE My Head - My Life, My thoughts UNFILTERED. Part 2

Pin It I can't believe I wore these shorts to the shops this afternoon, shorter shorts than I would normally wear and with my scars on show. I must be feeling brave today. I despise those scars. I'm so vain.
Why am I so embarrassed by them, everyone that I have shown say they are not as bad as they expected. Are they just saying that to make me feel better? Am I seeing them in a distorted view like an anorexic thinks they look fat? I hate that I have no control over those scars, I hate not being in control full stop.

How dumb was I at shopping as I thought if I planted a massive big smile on my face to anyone that I made eye contact with, they would focus on my face and I could silently will them to not look down. I love playing that mind power game where you stare at someone and see if you can make them look at you. I suck at it and I usually cheat by coughing or making a noise to make them look.

I feel really bad about that woman near the lettuces. I think she was probably about the same age as me and I was so mean and non trusting. I could have sworn she was looking at my legs and when she raised her eyes to meet mine and smiled at me I gave her such a hard look. I can be such a cow. When she told me she liked my shoes I felt like such a vain mean fool. I was so relieved to think she hadn't noticed my scars, but now I just feel guilty and ashamed of myself and self centered. If I am too embarrassed to show the world my scars on my legs, what does that say about me as a person? How would that make someone with scars on their face or an obvious deformity they cannot hide feel?

On the way back to the car when I passed that older man pushing the younger woman in a wheelchair who had cerebral palsy I think, I smiled the biggest smile I could at her and I was hoping that she could feel that my smile wasn't a pity smile, but an admiring one and a remorseful one too. I probably just looked fake. She can't hide her scars like I can so she wears them proud. I aspire to be like that, I really do.


I'm sitting here watching my husband play with our boys and it just makes my heart bulge with love. How did I get so lucky? I love these guys so much it sometimes hurts. It's not the love that hurts so much, but the fear that this could be taken from me at anytime. Is that normal to take something so beautiful and allow my imagination to ruin my enjoyment? I think the answer is most likely yes.
I want to play too but my legs are hurting too much to get off this couch, damn legs you are really pissing me off.


Just remembered I haven't unpacked the kids lunch boxes from Friday and being as it's now Sunday night I bags not doing it.


Sammy (suffers from Irritable Bowel) has been having cramps today. He couldn't eat his dinner at the same time as us tonight because his tummy was hurting. Later when he was eating his dinner he said to me "I have to pick up the dog poo in the morning because I said a prayer and asked God to make my tummy feel better and I promised him if he does I will pick up the poop. My tummy feels better now so I guess I have to pick up the poop in the morning."

Even though I laughed and smiled at the cuteness of it I cant stop thinking about all the promises I have made to God or the higher power and how many of them have I kept up my end of the bargain? No where near as many as I should have. I am afraid that will God or the universe take something away from me as punishment for breaking my promises. I really truly hope not and I really have to stop bargaining with the higher powers. How does the universe choose who to take and when? Too often it seems to happen to really good people, innocent kids, the people who don't deserve it. Did they break a promise? I can't let my mind go there tonight, actually I don't want my mind to go there ever, it makes me feel sick and breathless. I need to paint my toenails.


The bloody dog has chewed a hole in my big red shag pile rug. Because it is shag pile you can't see it that much, but I know it's there. I keep looking at it and even though I can't see it that much I know it's there and it's bugging me. I wonder if it's a legitimate enough excuse to buy a new rug?I wonder if Martha Stewarts dogs chew holes in her rugs. She could afford to buy a new one. Milly is looking at me all guilty like, she knows I'm mad. She's doing that drop her head and raise her eyes thingy - I can't stay mad, but I do want a new rug now.


Dammit I have just sat down to relax and I remember I have some school books to cover in contact for the kids. I really can't be assed. I'll just conveniently forget them in the morning and he can take them on Tuesday. I wonder if Angelina Jolie has to cover all her kids books in contact?


I just smelt some Vanilla and for some reason which I have no idea why but it reminded me of a movie I love, You've got mail. I love everything about that movie especially the little bookstore Meg Ryan's character owned. I'd love to own a little book store like that, with fairy lights, paper bags with handles for the books and snow outside and a little area with cushions for kids to come in for story telling. In the movie Meg walked to work with a warm coffee in hand along pretty snow lined city streets. She looked really happy and carefree as she walked to work. I wonder if I would be that carefree and happy if I owned a little book store like that?


 I have to go and cover the books, I don't want Sammy to get in trouble.


I'm looking at the flowers I bought today. They're sitting here beside me on my bedside table and they are yellow. They remind me of a picture I saw in a magazine yesterday, so pretty. I wonder if the people that own that home are happy? I feel happy looking at these yellow roses. I have to buy yellow more often - they match my lampshade.


I just read a beautiful comment that an old friend made on a Face book status of mine today. She moved away from here years ago and to be honest we really weren't that close when she lived here. She was always so fun and bubbly and we always had a laugh when we did see each other. I love people like that. She has the most beautiful family and her own business and I love seeing her status updates and photos on Facebook. I admire the way they moved away to start a new life built around their family, I admire anyone who has the courage to do that. I love those daydreams I have about moving us away to a pretty little coastal town, I love the image in my head of what it would be like. I'm scared of leaving behind my family and friends though, what if something happened and I wasn't here - something bad. I am so touched that she took the time to write that comment as it makes me feel really really special.


Carl just told me about that friend of his who lost his arm in an accident last year. He surfed for the first time in the board riders competition today and according to Carl he ripped it up.... Man I am so inspired by people like that guy. I want to inspire. I wonder if there is anything I will do in my lifetime that will truly inspire someone like that? I'd like to think so, I'd like to hope.


My shoes stink and that sucks as I love these shoes. I wonder if I spray them with Glen 20 they will be OK. Ohhh shoes I love you, please don't smell bad.


I'm nervous about this post going live overnight. What if everyone thinks I'm cuckoo or weird but in a totally uncool way. What if no one wants to read my blog anymore? I'd really miss the comments on my blog and the feedback. I like connecting with people. I love blogging. I can understand why people stick to what they are comfortable with. This isn't comfortable for me yet. I feel naked and exposed. I hope they still like me when they can see inside my mind.

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Sunday 26 February 2012

A Week INSIDE My Head - My life, My thoughts UNFILTERED! PART1

Pin It I worry sometimes that people visit my blog and think of me as slightly shallow at times as I don't always write a lot of deep and meaningful thought provoking posts around here. That's just not really my style and anyone that knows me in real life knows that whilst I do sometimes share those moments of being deep and philosophical, they are generally few and far between and mostly overshadowed by my crazier light hearted moments. Its not that the deeper thoughts are not there, trust me they are, its just that I generally play them out in my head and not through my spoken or written words.

I am rather a superstitious person you see and I have this thing where I think if I say something out loud, in particular something bad, I am giving it powerful energy and the universe may just take that energy and make that thought a reality. So I tend to keep alot of things to myself and try to focus my energy on the good things in life instead.

I have spent a long time in the past in dark places, burdened with fear, guilt and such deep anxiety of the 'render me useless, cant stop throwing up' kind. I didn't like it in that place and I fought a long exhausting fight that I often thought I would lose, to find my way out of there and honestly ...... I am scared that one day I will open a door and find myself in that all too familiar darkness again.

And so I avoid those doors and instead I prefer to focus my attention on the good things in my life, the things that make me happy and laugh and bring me joy. I give those things energy and hope with all my heart the universe chooses to take THOSE thoughts and turn them into reality.

My blog is an extension of that philosophy and it is here I focus on the brighter side of life, where I learn to embrace those hiccups and not see them as a threat to my peaceful existence. These days I choose to laugh at life, at both the good and bad and THAT is my way of nailing those dark doors shut tight.

Please don't get me wrong, I have such admiration and respect for those who's blogs are an outlet for them to work through those deeper thoughts that I prefer to keep locked away in my head. I will be honest and tell you I don't spend alot of time at those blogs, not because I don't like them or what they have to say, more that I am a little uncomfortable there as their beautiful honesty frightens me and threatens to shatter my happy bubble. Is that shallow? It probably is to a certain degree and it is also a bit of me sticking my head in the sand again, but that's just me, it's who I am and I have this mindset that I don't know how long I will be on this earth so I want to spend my time being happy as often and for as long as I can.

All that being said, I have decided that this week, every day for the whole week, I am going to really open up to you and share with you some of the thoughts both good, bad and ridiculous that go through my mind. I have convinced myself it will be OK and that because I am only writing them and not saying them out loud, the universe will play nicely.

Why am I doing this? Because I owe it to you and to those of you who may visit my blog or any other light hearted blog and find that sometimes the 'Pollyanna' take on life might leave them feeling a little disillusioned with their own. No ones life is perfect, blogs only give you a snapshot of someones life and those snap shots are often carefully edited to share only what the writer wants to share. Do not compare your life to the lives of those you read about. Comparison can confuse and you may walk away feeling less pretty, less popular, less lucky, you may find yourself thinking you worry too much or even not enough, you may pine for things you don't have in your life or on the flip side, feel guilt for all the wonderful things you do have. Comparison does no one any favours.

The photos I will post this week will be just normal things from my day, they may not be exciting or particularly pretty, but they will be real and uncensored.

I thought about turning the comments off this week as one of the biggest things I am afraid of in setting myself this challenge, is being judged. But life is about being judged isn't it, we are all judged and we all judge others in some way or another. So my friends judge away, but please be kind, I don't usually allow myself to be this open and vulnerable.

If you prefer my lighter banter and happy photos, you may want to tune out this week. I'm not saying it is going to be a dark week, I honestly don't know where my thoughts may lead me, but it may not all be sunshine and roses around here or what you may be used to from me. I will write about what I am thinking about as it happens and I can promise you it will be me, honest, open and unfiltered.

For this week only I am not running wonderful Weekends, not cause I didn't have a wonderful Weekend, I did....... it was busy, exhausting and at times physically and mentally draining, but with definite pockets of fun in there.

And so my journey begins.

Introducing A New Sponsor - Bright Button Toys

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Saturday 25 February 2012

An Exciting Angie Baxter Photograpy Workshop Giveaway

Pin It If you have been around here for a while, you may recall my hubby bought me a new DSLR for Christmas and I have totally fallen in love with photography. The only problem is I kind of suck at it!

I have gotten a little better but if you look at some of my earlier posts you will see that there has been some slight improvements, but wowser there is so much to learn.

That's probably why I spend so much time on Instagram, because add a bit of a filter here, a touch of a blur there and bingo I can create an image that looks almost half decent. The real art though is achieving that same style and quality of photo with your DSLR.

So you can imagine just how beside myself I was when I was contacted by Angie from Angie Baxter Photography, inviting me to attend one of her Photography Workshops to really learn how to use that baby.

Angie is a family portrait photographer based in Melbourne and she specialises in baby photography, child photography and family photography.  

Angie also runs the Love Your Camera workshops around Australia, so is available for baby photography sessions, childrens photography sessions and family photography sessions in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth.

Just check out some of her amazingly beautiful work.

Are you inspired? Good! Because Angie is giving one lucky reader a chance to attend her Sydney Workshop on Friday the 9th March valued at $280.

The winner will attend the Love Your Camera Sydney Workshop where you will learn;
  • The easy way to operate your digital SLR camera in Manual mode
  • Lighting - Easy techniques to find magic light
  • Posing - how to make individuals and groups look natural and genuine
  • Composition and Styling
  • Unlocking your creative side
 If you are the winner you must be available to attend on Friday 9th March at Parramatta Park Event Centre, Cnr Macquarie & Pitt Sts, Parramatta, Sydney
The course runs from 9-4pm and Parking is available on site.

Terms and Conditions
  • The competition is open now and closes Thursday the 1st of March at 6pm AEST.
  • One winner will be selected by Random Org and will  receive a pass to attend Angie's one day Photography Workshop on Friday the 9th March in Sydney valued at $280.
To be eligible to enter you must complete the following steps.
1. You must LIKE and leave a message on the Angie Baxter Photographer Face book page (click here to complete this step)
2. Leave a comment on this post why you would like to win.

Simple as that!

The winner will be announced on my blog and will have 24 hours to contact me or we will need to redraw the prize.

Please only enter this competition if you are available to attend this workshop on the specified date in Sydney.

If you are interested in attending any of Angie's Workshops in any of the other states, you can find out more information here.

Good Luck!

Friday 24 February 2012

Winner of the Pretty Neat Family Organiser

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Winner of The Pretty Neat Family Organiser Giveaway 
Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter the Pretty Neat Family Organiser Giveaway.
The winner as chosen by Random Org is:

Virginia Mason
"If you come to my house right now, you would see I need serious help! I want my home to be way more organised but still look pretty and be comfortable. Help from Prettyneat would be really appreciated from keeping our kitchen tops clean, sorting out the children's belongings after school, filing out receipts which keep popping out of my purse, working out our family's time table - oh the list is endless"
Congratulations Virginia. 
Can you please email your address details to lifelovehiccups@optusnet.com.au so we can send you your gorgeous prize.
The gorgeous Girls from Pretty Neat are offering you $5.00 off the normal price of the Pretty Neat Family Organiser for anyone who places their order before the 1st March 2012.

You can order your organiser direct from the Pretty Neat Website.

Thursday 23 February 2012

I'm telling ya - Weird is the NEW Black!

Pin It I'm a self professed dork, a little strange, twisted and delightfully quirky at times, perhaps even a tad weird, and you know what - I'm totally ok with that.

Fifteen years ago, perhaps even ten, I would have been more than a little embarrassed to go against the grain, but the dirty 30's has done wonders for me, for my confidence, acceptance of myself and being comfortable and even proud of who I am as an individual.

Perhaps it was beating the depression I got bogged down with for a while, or I could have knocked my head in my accident and set a part of my brain that had been previously hibernating into action and made me a little less uptight and more accepting of who I am.

I do believe that childbirth and the complete lack of dignity during that whole event can make us less self conscious and combine that with the way we can sometime lose our identity in those early years of child wrangling meant that when I did find myself again, I was a little stranger than before.

Ok so I don't normally get around in an army hat, tie and pigtails, but I do wear reading glasses and I definitely have a tendency to go a little crazy, especially when under stress or delirious from lack of sleep.

So what's the point of all this natter - well I have been tagged by some gorgeous bloggers to play the ten questions game.  Jayne from Jagger Files (who is the beautiful proud mama of a precious new little cherub), Anna from Green tea and Toast (who is just gorgeous and a future award winning children's writer), and Leanne from the Super Classy Uber Simplicity  (who is my separated at birth twin sister) all tagged me to answer a certain ten questions which I totally love, but since I was lucky enough to be tagged earlier and have already answered those particular 10 questions, I thought I would put a twist on things and share with you 10 weird, dorky and totally strange things about myself.

1. When I do my shopping (on the occasions I manage to do the shopping without the kids in tow) I like to wear my iPod and totally work it like I am in my very own music video. If the music is soft and gentle, you will see me ethereally wandering the aisle all calm and bohemian like with a dreamy smile floating on my face. Crank the music up with a funky beat and I am all smiles and bounce baby. Rock me out with some hardcore tunes and I am suddenly, broody full of deep stares and trolley attitude. Weird? Yeah I thought so too.

2. Every now and then when I am feeling a little frazzled I like to lie in my bedroom, with one of my relaxation CDs on. You know the type that are typically all wood wind flutes,  some seagulls squawking and maybe a bit of tribal song to really set the mood. I light a candle or two and pull out of one of my favourite soul searching books from Eckhart Tolle, or the Dalai Llama and connect with my inner being. Ok so I may have 'The Real Housewives of where ever the eff they are this week' on in the background, but I am viewing them on a much deeper and holistic level man.

3.  I like to cut pictures out of homie magazines and stick them in a scrap book cause I am so old school and hip like that. Don't get me wrong, I adore Pinterest and can waste hours on there too, but there is something so satisfying about putting together a scrapbook of kitchens, and bathrooms, bedrooms and homes that I dream about but will probably never afford.

4. I have our en suite bathroom set up permanently like a day spa with all the little bottles and potions collected together in a basket, fresh flowers, fluffy towels, candles and a sweet smelling diffuser. I get really antsy when one of the boys use that bathroom and even my hubby knows to conduct his morning ritual in any of the bathrooms in this house EXCEPT that one. Sure I'm a little overprotective of my chick room considering I only ever really get 5 minutes to myself in there at a time (if I am lucky), but by God I want those 5 minutes to myself to be memorable and special. Oh one more thing whilst I am on the bathroom, I like to sing when I am on the toilet cause I like the way my voices echos in there and makes me sound all popstarish which is very important when I am pretending to be a contestant on Australian Idol.

5. I am an anal retentive clean and neat freak. Think seriously OCD and you are getting close. I cannot sit down and relax unless everything is in its place and just so. I tidy up as soon as the kids leave for school before I start work and then again at night when they go to bed. I cannot go to sleep knowing dishes are in the sink, cushions are not in position or the remote control is not tucked neatly under the tele. I know life is too short to worry about such trivial things, but given the choice of being the teenage girl who may or may not have left a continual pile of empty smoked oyster tins hidden under her bed (sorry mum) and may have been known to sleep in her school clothes so she could get an extra few minutes sleep in the morning, or being a neat freak who has a chronic need to be organised, well I tell ya I know who I am happier being.

6. I like to talk to myself, not just little mutterings but proper full blown conversations. I prefer to do this in the privacy of my own home, but if the conversation starts up in the car when I am driving about, that's ok too. I have the most wonderful and fascinating conversations with myself and I make some excellent points and conclusions and I can talk myself into pretty much anything without too much of an argument. I'm not insane ... truly, well not much anyway. Though one may question if the commentary I run with like a cooking show when I am preparing meals or baking is a little out there. Mostly I just banter, a bit like I am on my own reality tv show but no ones watching. Perhaps subconsciously I started blogging because I wanted yet another place to hold these conversations of mine that didn't involve cooking a cake, driving a car or sitting in a bathroom decked out like a day spa. Oh and by the way, I do have a terrible habit of laughing to myself at something in my head and then because I may not want to share with others what I am laughing at I make something up totally random.

7. Did you know I once ran a marathon from Sydney to Perth? No I didn't really but in my dreams I can run really coolly, kind of all slow motion like, you know - effortlessly like gravity is not an issue and there's absolutely no boob strain at all. Wishful thinking, but then I dream I can fly too!

8. I am oddly obsessed with white flowers. I only have white flowers planted in my garden and every Friday when I buy fresh flowers for myself on behalf of my gorgeous hubby - you guessed it they are white. Sometimes if I am feeling very spontaneous, daring and slightly outrageous, I might buy yellow ones, but truthfully not often, I prefer to stick with white. I have no idea why that is and whilst I'm at it, I'm not really sure why I even brought that one up. Huh!

9. When I am unsure of something, can't make a decision or want to predict my future I make little lists and then I add up the letters in my name, add my age and then break it down to a single numeral (does that even make sense to you?) Then I count through the list crossing out the line I land on whenever I get to that 'number'. I keep doing this until I am left with one thing on the list and there's my magic answer to all my questions. OMG I cannot believe I just admitted that to you guys.

10. Last but not least, sometimes I like to weigh myself after I do a poop (yes you did read that correctly), but only if it is a really big one and only because I am curious to see how much weight one can lose after releasing that amount of substance from ones body. Purely scientific questioning of course.

So there you have it - my completely and utterly weird spin on the ten questions, only you didn't ask me about any of these things did you, I just went ahead and told told you anyway. Which is theoretically a classic case of over sharing and I must curb that habit a little, but I'll have a chat to myself about that tomorrow.

So my friends I am here to declare that weird is the new normal, the new black if you please, and we should all embrace any ounce of craziness we have in us. It's who we are and we don't have to hide it from the world. So in a salute to how I have come to except who I am today, I am gonna share my weirdness with the world and move the cursor over to the little orange button at the top of this page that says publish and click on it.

But before I go, I am not going to tag anyone and force them to out themselves as weird as I have done, but if you would like to join me in celebrating weird and wonderful woman, you can do so by sharing with us in the comments some of your wacky habits or traits. Come on - I dare you!

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Wonderfully Insignificant

Pin It Sometimes my head gets too busy. You know that feeling where you are just so tired of over thinking things and shifting through boxes of wannabe problems that crowd your mind.

Last week my mind went in to power save mode and I just had to switch it off for a little while. It was the perfect time for me to enforce a self imposed Time Out .... for myself.....

A walk on the beach helps to flush out the junk in my mind and on this particular day it was exactly what I needed.

Time on the beach, no thinking, just being..... and ever so grateful for the joy of feeling wonderfully insignificant for a little while.

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(though I know its not entirely wordless really)
(as sometimes I need a little reminder of just how much I have to be grateful for.)

Tuesday 21 February 2012

Men Just take it too FAR!

Pin It Do you ever find yourself talking to the dogs like you do the kids???

I do and I get about as much response from the dogs as I do the kids half the time, maybe even more!

I have even caught myself calling out to the dogs when they were barking, "Please stop Barking - I have a headache". The neighbours once commented that it was very nice to hear me use the word 'please' with the dogs and they praised me on my lovely manners. But I really don't know what I was expecting the poor dogs to do. Stop barking and pop inside to get me a couple of Panadol, some soothing eye pads and a nice cuppa? Yuh really!

The absurdity of the situation really hit home the other evening as I watched my hubby try and corral the dogs inside as it started to rain.

He was all "Come on guys, its raining come inside"...... like they care!

And then he resorted to "COME ON, I'm getting wet!" ...... Care factor? Still very much Zero!

But it was the last bit that really got me ......

Hubby: "GET INSIDE NOW!" (wait for it.......) "One! TWO!! THREE!!!"

Yep! He actually counted at them.

Ummm darling, watcha gonna do, take away their doggy iPods and TV privileges??

Seriously though.... Men, they always take it to a whole new level!!!!

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Monday 20 February 2012

A Weekend House and Garden Makeover

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I had to laugh this weekend when I saw my hubby's facebook status update. 

My wife is doing stand back's! (standing back and looking at a room that she isn't happy with). Looks like I might be moving furniture on this great afternoon......

And like always, my dear hubby was on the mark.

It's no secret around here that I am a bit of a shopaholic and when I was having coffee with a friend on Friday at one of my favourite cafes (that also happens to be a home wares shop too), I couldn't help but make a little purchase.

See these gorgeous jars - wouldn't you just fall in love with them too?

So I did what all woman typically do, I brought them home and played around with them, putting them in different places and umming and ahhing until I found the perfect home for them on top of the piano.

Come Sunday, I decided I didn't really like them after all, so I moved them to a new spot in the entrance and then I stood back and admired ...... and noticed that the cushions in the front room were looking a little dated. 

It was about now my hubby ran scared and went off to share his pain with his facie friends.

I debated whipping up some new cushions, but decided that someone else could surely do a much better job.... My favourite shop Swish.

So I grabbed my bag and my oldest son to help me carry things and headed to the shops. Alas I was not wrong, my blessed shop came through with the goods. A variety of gorgeous beige, brown and cream toned cushions that clearly had my name written  all over them.

Now whilst I was there I couldn't help but notice some fabulous wooden stools that were just crying out to me "Take us, Love us, Give us a new home". So seriously who was I to deprive these beautiful things a loving home where they would be sat on by dirty grubby little bodies appreciated.

We all know that when you bring some new homewares into your abode, it is a must that you foof around and redecorate so that your new joys blend seamlessly with your old. So I emptied my trusty old Expedit from all it's clutter and rearranged with some of my favourite things.

A little corner needed a bit of a lift so I dug out some fabric I had stashed away and covered a canvas to hang there (sorry about the crappy photo). That then got me looking at the other prints and artwork on the walls and wondering if they were indeed where they should be.

Hubby, as I mentioned earlier was hiding out the back and had so far escaped any manual labour .... I said so far didn't I? Yup he was promptly enlisted to relocate various paintings and artworks to new locations.

Now I don't want to paint my dear man as someone who shys away from hard work. On the contrary actually. When it comes to landscaping our gardens we are a great team. I come up with some fabulous ideas and he does all the work brings them to life. OK so that means he does a lot of digging and planting and shifting to the left or right when my instinct tells me that plant would look perfect just a couple of inches this way... or that way .... or perhaps over there instead, but as long as there is a cold beer waiting for him, he patiently responds with his standard "Yes Dear" and gets stuck into it.

A year ago now we put our new pool in and the excavators had to rip up our side garden at the front of the house to get the machines in ....and well.... we never got around to fixing that area back up. We have debated over what to do, and what plants to use and the layout for ages now and basically just stuffed around and did an outstanding job of procrastinating. Last weekend however we bit the bullet and got stuck into it.

 This was the little patch of nothing that needed some loving.

We had a couple of scrappy looking things in there that had survived all the machines, but pretty it wasn't.

With a little extra help from some awesome friends who just popped in for a drink but rolled up their sleeves and got dirty (Thanks Michael and Liz) we got it all finished and I'm one happy gal. Some buxus, lavender and a little Gem Magnolia later and walah - we have us a garden again. Fingers crossed it will all hedge up nicely and match the other side of the house again.

And I have to share my gorgeous roses casue I am ever so slighty obsessed with them and they are just full to the brim with flowers at the moment and smell oh so divine.

All in all it was a very productive weekend around this joint and I had a fabulous time pottering around playing house.

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So what did you get up to this weekend?
Do you constantly move furniture and decor items around the house when you get bored with a look? (Please tell me you do as I assured my hubby this was indeed normal behaviour).

Every Monday the link opens and I would love you to share what you got up to on the weekend. Did you do something special or go somewhere? 
Perhaps you cooked up a storm or got all crafty and clever on me. 
Whatever it is share it with us and inspire us all. 
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