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Tuesday 13 August 2013

What Happens to Them If I am Gone?

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I’ve told you before about how quickly I jump to conclusions and naturally just assume the worst.

If I can’t reach my husband on the phone and he doesn’t call me back within 5 minutes I ring him again. And then again.... and yep then again.... and all the while I am half expecting his phone to be answered by someone who is going to tell me that he has been in an accident or that something has happened to him.

If I haven’t managed to reach him within the hour then I automatically jump straight to the funeral music choices and panicking about telling the kids and then I start wondering how the hell will I cope as a single mother.

I know it’s totally melodramatic, dark and pessimistic even, but I also know from when I have spoken about this previously on the blog, that I am not alone in these kinds of thoughts and that many of you share the same fears.

I suspect you have also thought about what would happen to your family if God forbid something was to happen to you.

I have ... a lot.

Last year when I had my cervical cancer scare, I even went so far as to write secret lists that I intended to give to my husband about my wishes and dreams for him and the kids.

It’s not the first time I have done this ... made lists like that I mean.

I am also addicted to Google search, so that pretty much means every time I Google some kind of symptom that I have, I end up coming to the conclusion that I have some sort of cancer.

And so I start with the lists again.

There are lots of things on my lists that relate to my families future if I was not to be a part of it anymore, and my beloved husband remarrying is NOT on that list.

I know that everyone deserves to find happiness again after they lose a loved one; it’s just that if I am completely honest and you allow me to share my selfish side with you, I could not stand the thought of being replaced.

I don’t want my husband to love anyone else as much as he loves me and in my mind I don’t believe that anyone could ever love my kids as much as I do.

It is very selfish of me. That I know already.

But I can’t help the way I feel.

When I was chatting to some friends at kid’s soccer the other day, I mentioned that I was writing an article for Real Insurance and that I was looking for an angle. A few of the mums all said something along the same lines of "Don’t ask me, I don’t work so it doesn’t really affect me" and one of my friends said " I don’t get paid to be a stay at home mum, so my family wouldn’t miss any money from my end if I was gone". 

At that point we kind of got distracted by the action on the field and the conversation ended. But later that day I got to thinking about that conversation and I started getting all antsy - not only for the fact that my friends think that being a stay at home mum is not work – because it is and they work bloody hard.

If something did actually happen to them, who would look after the kids?

Well naturally one would presume that the husband would step up to the mark and take over lunches and school runs, sports and clothes shopping etc. ... but then what happens to his job whilst he is doing that?

What happens to the money he was earning to pay for the school, sports, clothing and living expenses?

I realise that kids wouldn’t always need the level of care that they do when they are young, but the thought of my husband having the money to afford him to take time off from work to be there for the kids gives me peace of mind.

And so I checked out the Real Insurance website, like seriously checked it out. Not in the way that someone who is writing about an insurance company does, but in a way that an overly dramatic mother with an out of control imagination does. And suddenly the whole concept of life insurance hit me, but from an angle I had never really considered before.

The one of a stay at home mum.

I did something I have always shied away from, because the reality of it all scared the crap out of me, I got an onlinelife insurance quote. If something were to happen to me (touch wood it doesn’t), I may not be able to control if and when my husband falls in love again or make someone love my kids as much as I do, but it is reassuring to know that for as little $1.46 a week, I can protect them financially.

Food for thought huh?

Do you have Life Insurance?