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Friday 2 August 2013

Over-Acting or Over-Reacting? WHATEVER!

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One thing I am very VERY good at if I may say so myself, is over reacting ... or some would call it over acting. Geez, whatever! Same same in my opinion as one typically leads to the other.

If you have ever been lucky enough to pull up next to us in the car at a set of traffic lights and witnessed my children holding their throats, gasping for air and crying "HE'S BREATHING ALL THE AIR".... then you would know that clearly my children have inherited my overreacting gene.

I'm not always like this. It seems to be at it's worse at THAT time of the month.

Once when I was suffering from PMS, I banned apples from my house for a week.

It was a gross overreaction to an incident with a co worker who was working at my house for a few days on a project with me.

This guy irritated me to the point that listening to his noisy breathing got me so agitated and pissed off that he was breathing all of MY air.

He had a habit of munching on food whilst he worked.... like ALL the time and this one day he was eating an apple. Correction he was chewing on that frigging apple like a cow chews on cud. And as I was sitting there with my blood pressure threatening to blow the joint up, all I wanted to do was punch him in the face, pull his hair and scream at him to SHUT THE FUCK UP!

I'm getting myself all worked up at the memory.

I didn't punch him, and I didn't pull his hair. But I did calmly take the apple out of his hand and peg it across the room. I then banned apples from our house for the rest of the week.

Another time I was waiting in line at the deli at my local grocery store, when a woman with a really bad perm and her equally permed teenage daughter casually strolled on up. Without even a thought to anyone else who had been waiting, she proceeded to order her prosciutto when the server asked who was next.

I lost it.

No really lost it and I had the mother of all tantrums.

Through hot tears I told her she was rude and arrogant and basically she had just ruined my life. I then turned on the poor unsuspecting server and demanded  "WHAT AM I - FREAKING INVISIBLE?"

Admittedly, it had already been a crappy day anyway and she was just the final straw. In hindsight I irrationally overreacted and the comment I made about her ugly shoes was probably a bit uncalled for.

As I sit here writing this tonight, I again find myself overreacting to the noise that is going on around me at the moment.

The kids were sent to bed ages ago, but keep coming downstairs for a drink of water, to get something, and to use the toilet because apparently of the 2 bathrooms upstairs, one is too dark and the other is too uncomfortable - WTF?

The last trudge downstairs was to hand me a piece of tissue with some scribble on it and a "Look what I made for you Mummy - its a book mark" (aka I am just stuffing around so I don't have to go to sleep so I grabbed a dirty tissue and drew on it for you).

The husband is washing up in the kitchen and he is making a shit load of noise. Do they not understand that I am TRYING to watch Offspring??

Every time someone walks into the room, dares to speak, bangs a dish in the sink or basically coughs or breathes too loud, I roll the eyes, sigh extra loud and dramatically pause the TV. I also stare at the roof and whistle just for added effect and to be sure they get the point.

I would go upstairs to watch it, but then what's a good display of overacting / reacting if you don't have an audience.

It's THAT time of the month again.

Can you tell?

Do you over react and over act?
Is my PMS really to blame or am I just a frustrated soapie wannabe?