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Tuesday 27 August 2013

So It Turns Out That I'm a Project Junkie

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So it turns out that I am a Project Junkie.

Yup according to a very well informed friend, if you have more than 3 projects on the go at any given time, you are officially deemed a Project junkie.

Holy shitballs - I counted at least 11 I have in various stages of progress as we speak, so that pretty much means I should have instant entry to any Project Rehabilitation Centre of my choice.

Pinterest has a lot to answer for. All these incredible ideas just floating around the interwebs begging BEGGING for a junkie like me to notice them.

Most nights I sit down for a little Pinterest fix and I come across so many incredible ideas and the inner Martha Mudguts in me gets all hot and panty and starts pinning like her life depends on it.

And then the whole process kinda goes a little like this...

Martha Mudguts goes to bed high as a kite from her Pinterest frenzy. Instead of sleeping she lies there and thinks of ways she can recreate things she has seen or apply the concept to something that she would love in her own home. She finally goes to sleep with zillions of  ideas floating around her head and when she wakes up, she gets online and orders supplies. A Day or so later, the poor exhausted postie knocks on her door with a box full of supplies which she gratefully accepts, opens and starts fiddling around with, until she ducks onto Pinterest for a sneaky 5 minutes whilst she drinks her cuppa, starts pinning like a madwoman all over again, new ideas, new things she is busting to try and .....

Oh Crap! There go the squirrels again.......... and yet another project hits the To Do Later pile.

Is it a problem?

Am I beyond help?

Quite possibly, I don't know, most likely....


But at least I'll never be bored as there is always something to start, do or finish.

Are you a Project Junkie with loads of things on the go at any given time?
Or are you methodical, restrained and committed and finish one before you start the next?
What projects have you got on the go at the moment?