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Wednesday 8 April 2015

Getting Cosy With Real Living & Freedom

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Have you ever been invited somewhere and you walk in and feel like a complete fraud... like you shouldn't be there but by some God forsaken miracle someone somewhere along the way said "Oh let's invite that Sonia chick" and by sheer luck no one heard them or if they did hear them they didn't hear them like properly or something and so you were invited anyways and by the time you RSVPd and turned up it was too late for them to say "sorry, it was a all a big fat mistake?"

Oh I do!


In particular I get this feeling every time I walk into a Freedom event with all the gorgeous home wares and the gorgeous gorgeous styling and the gorgeous clever people mingling around talking about gorgeous things... and then there's me... and I'm all "holy shitballs would you look at this?" whilst giggling to myself like a ten year old boy that just saw boobs and trying not to fall over and break anything.

I restrained myself from giggling too loudly and breaking anything last week at the fancy pants lunch to launch the exciting new Real Living and Freedom collaboration... although I couldn't resist a cheeky selfie with my luscious pink haired partner in crime Jayde from @littlepaperlane and yes kids Mummy used her selfie stick.

If no one had yet identified me as a fair dinkum ring in before then, then surely the selfie stick was like a big fat post it on my forehead.

So anyways, we were there to ogle the gorgeous new 2015 Real Living for Freedom winter range which is a delicious mix of florals and prints with a mis-matched and quirky vintage vibe.

Deborah Bibby the editor-in-chief of Real Living Magazine described the mood of this range perfectly when she compared it to a warm comforter on the end of a bed in a cosy beach side holiday cottage.

That's exactly what it reminded me of... cosy winters at home curled up under floral and plaid comforters and a nest of leather cushions and accessories.

I have no interior stylists credentials attached to my name whatsoever but I do know what I like.. and I likey this range very very much.

The Real Living for Freedom Collection is in store and online now so there is no better time to mix a little old and new and create the ultimate winter nest.

What do you think of the new meets old floral vintage vibe? 
Are you digging it? - Get it floral.. digging... shuddup! ;)

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