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Friday 17 April 2015

Yada Yada A Whole Lotta Yada

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Helloooooo Weekend!

Don't you just love Friday nights?

Ok maybe apart from having to sit in the car at wine o'clock time because of rugby practice... although it is kind of handy that I am sitting here doing nothing much else or I wouldn't have had this post written in time for tonight.

I'm pretty sure that I look like a right old looney sitting in my car with the music blaring whilst I tap away on my keyboard.

Whatever, it's the weekend and that holds the promise of two whole days that lay ahead where you get to do some things that you have been looking forward to doing all week but haven't had the time.

I'm planning on having A LOT of time on my hands this weekend given I can't leave that house courtesy of some pre-colonoscopy cleansing.

Ewww sorry - FARRRRR too much info right?

The good news is I plan on guilt free eating a whole load of carbs tonight, comfortable in the knowledge they wont *ahem* be hanging around for long... if you know what I mean.

OK I'll stop with that now ;)

I also plan on catching up on all the blog reading I have missed out on this week.

I've wanted to visit you guys and see what you have all been up to, I really have. But just like millions of other mums and dads these past two weeks, I have been trying to entertain the kids whilst I've been working and it's been ummm interesting, to say the least.

Yesterday I took a couple of the kids to see the new Home movie.

It was definitely one of the cuter little weird alien kid's movies I have seen in a long time... from the bits I saw of the movie anyway, You see I actually planned the whole movie outing as a way to entertain the kids whilst I got some work done, so I wasn't really there to watch the movie.

I plonked the kids down in their chosen seats with some cheeky Maccas for lunch, a bucket of drink and a tub of popcorn that was seriously bigger than their head and once they were settle I then went and found myself a seat tucked away in the corner where I could work on my laptop whilst the movie was on and still keep an eye on them.

As I sat down in my seat and laid out my work, an older woman who had been sitting behind my kids, got out of her seat and made her way over to me.

"Oh FFS!" Is pretty much what I thought to myself as I prepared to cop an earful about how I should be sitting with my kids and what a bad mum I am and yada yada.

"Excuse me dear, but did I hear correctly you tell your children that you will be sitting over here working during the movie"? She asked.

"Ah yeeeeess, yes you did" I sighed with a completely over the top yes I know I suck eye roll.

"Oh you mothers today amaze me with how you juggle it all and still do so much for your kids" she said. "I'm sorry to interrupt you and I really don't mean to be nosy, I just wanted you to know I think you are doing a wonderful job. Your children are very lucky to have such a lovely mum".

I was gob smacked.

I could have cried bless her.

All week I had been stressing about having so much work on and feeling guilty that I wasn't spending enough 'fun' time with the kids these holidays and then here I was all ready to cop a hiding from a stranger and instead - she boosted me up like she will never ever know.

As I smashed my jalapeno Maccas burger in the dark and worked on my computer, her words literally hugged all through the movie.

I'm sure that lady has no idea just how much her support meant to me yesterday. The support of a total stranger.

There should be more of that sort of stuff - you know, people boosting each other up don't you think?

On another note - I am in serious need of some new books to read. I have just finished the last of the Liane Moriarty books as well as Girl Online and I have read all my latest magazines so now I am totally bookless.

What are you reading at the moment?

Any awesome books you can suggest to keep me company in the bathroom this weekend?

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