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Tuesday 7 April 2015

It's Happening!

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Hellooooo lovely people. I hope you had the most amazing Easter long weekend ever.

I switched off and soaked up time with the family which was freaking awesome.

The rusty old batteries have been recharged and I am ready and raring to face the school holidays like a boss... OK like a boss that hides in the laundry with some coping cordial... WHAT???

Those kids can be scary!

Sooooo you may have seen a little announcement last night on Facebook.. or maybe you didn't.

Maybe you were far too busy multitasking - trying to relax, eat chocolate and pull chocolate high kids down from the roof. That's a totally valid excuse you know and besides it doesn't really matter because finally I can tell you about one of the two secret squirrel projects we have been working on lately.

And it is this...

Ahuh! Yep!

My gorgeous friend Tessa and I have partnered up together in a brand new business. It is something that from the moment we started chewing on the idea, we knew we wanted to do together and so it was quite simply one of the easiest business decisions we have ever made.

I have been working with Tessa for the past 18 months now. In between the blog and working with Uberkate and Bella Bodies, freelance writing and other bits and bobs, I am also the brand and marketing manager for Down That Little Lane and I have to tell you, it doesn't much feel like work.

I mean, come on. You can't really say that working with one of your besties on a business that you feel so passionate about doing the type of things gets your creative energy flowing work now can you?

Tessa and I have known for a while now that we wanted to create a business together, an extension of the beautiful business Tessa has already created though Down That Little Lane, but something we could build together out of a share loved of arts and crafts and meeting new people and so together we present to you - the DTLL Workshops - a place where you come to join together with like minded spirits to be inspired, to learn and to create memories and beautiful things.

We will be working with some of our favourite creatives to guide you in these workshops and the only limitations to what you can create, is your imagination.

The location has been found, a studio that from the moment Tessa and I walked through the door - we knew would be the home for this venture.

We could practically hear the laughter and see people gathered around the table creating together, coming to spend time with old friends and to meet new friends and we just knew this would be the place.

It was just meant to be, you know?

So whilst we are a little bit away from the first workshop just yet... it won't be long.

First there is a studio to decorate and furnish and I kid you not when I tell you that before we had even contacted the agent to say we wanted this place, we knew exactly how it would be decorated... right down to the rug and the couch and the chairs, to the glasses we will drink from.

Whilst the first location for our workshops is in Sydney, we do have other plans too... of course we do! We have plans that will hopefully see us visiting other states too.

In the meantime we need to keep our feet on the ground as there is still much to do and much to organise. But this is where all the fun and the magic begins to happen.

There is nothing like bringing a dream to life to remind you that life is for living and doing and not just for dreaming.

It certainly helps that my business partner is a kindred spirit who shares that very same vision as me.

It also helps that my business partner is more than just a friend, she is a soul sister.

So there you go my friends - the cat is officially out of the bag for at least one of the new business ventures anyway.

I can't wait to share more with you as this new adventure unfolds. In the meantime you can watch this all come to life at the DTLL Workshops instagram here or our Facebook page here.

Very soon we will be introducing you to our very first creative and the series of workshops she will be running with us. I suck at keeping my own secrets so I am sure you will be hearing sooner rather than later.

Happy Tuesday you guys, dream big.

If you could bring one dream of yours to life... what would it be?