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Sunday 3 January 2016

I Smell Change In The air

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2016. Holy Shitballs... already?!

I remember someone once saying to me that "the older you get, the faster time moves"... or maybe I read it somewhere... either way it's something I have come to realise for myself that it is true because every year just seems to blend into the next and we are jumping years like a motorised pogo.

Christmas and New Years Eve was a quiet event at the Stackhouses.

It couldn't have been more perfect.

Christmas Eve involved the usual big shindig at our house and this year my sister in law was in charge of the food whilst I was on decorating duty.

Predictably I went for a copper and gold and marble theme because I figured since I spent pretty much a whole year professing my love for them, they needed to be part of our end of year celebrations... that and ok OK, I may have seen it as an excellent excuse to treat myself to some marble plates and copper accessories.


Christmas is about giving.

Christmas Day itself went by in a flurry of gift opening, prawn scoffing and champagne guzzling spread over two locations - home for the morning - lunch at my parents - and then back home for the afternoon again.

I have to tell you - one of the highlights for me from Christmas this year was opening the gifts my children gave me. Each of them chose their own gifts for Carl and I, but more than the actual items themselves - it was the thought that went into those gifts that got my heart working overtime on the mush making.

The teenager who has recently started working in the holidays, spent his very first pay check on some Coney Island Glasshouse candles for me because he knew they are my favourite.

Our middle munchkin chose a pineapple mug for me because HELLO ... PINEAPPLES! As well as a dream sign because he "knows how important dreams are to you mum".

Last but by no means least my little trippy hippy gave me a peace sign keyring and I will treasure that forever.

I seriously have no word to describe our New Years Eve...  other than perhaps... perfect.

We chose to spend the last night of the year on our own, as a family, reflecting on the things that made 2015 special for us and all that we are grateful for.

Whilst the year we were saying farewell to had proved to be (for us like it was for so many), a roller coaster of highs and lows, the fact that we closed the door on it together, happy and healthy, set the intentions for the year to come.

The extent of our celebrations included a box of sparklers and our end of year ritual where we each wrote a list of things that we didn't want to take into the new year with us - worries, problems and fears, and then we set fire to them together.

As silly as it may sound, it was our way of preparing ourselves for the year ahead and by putting our trust in the universe that those worries will be taken from us, they are no longer ours to carry into a brand spanking fresh new year.

Now I'm no psychic, nor do I own a crystal ball, but I feel a lot of change is in the air for 2016.

For me personally, it is a year that I will be focusing on creating my own change and my time will be spent liberally on the things that make me happy - family, friends, and my various businesses.

I am intent on ridding myself of habits that serve me no good, taking better care of myself and exploring new interests.

I absolutely blazed through 2015, doing far too much, thinking too much and worrying too much and so 2016 will be different, because I will make it different.

2016 will be about slowing down, being more present, creating more balance and finding joy in every day.

Every year my mate Bron encourages us to choose a word that would be our word for the year ahead. A word that perhaps represents ours goals and dreams and hopes for how our year will flow.

For me, my word for 2016 is 'change'.

And how that word will play out for me.... only the days and months ahead will tell, but I am looking forward to sharing all that may be with you guys.

As for you my friends, I hope the year ahead brings you all, everything you hope for and dream of.

May it be a year that you one day whisper "wow, now that was a hell of an awesome year".

Have you got a word for 2016?
Do you have any big (or small) goals for the year ahead?