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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Just Hanging Around

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We have one of those hanging egg chair on our back deck and the joke in our house is that the chair is my throne.

Well it's a joke to everyone in the house except me because I kind of think the word throne accurately sums it up.

It is my throne and I figure as long as the dangly bits outnumber the non dangly bits in our home by 4 to 1 (if you know what I mean), then I am perfectly entitled to a throne.

There is a bit of a story to this hanging chair of mine.... you see one December about mmm maybe 5 years ago, I wandered into Domayne / Harvey Norman for a Santa photo with the kids.

Whilst we were waiting for our turn the kids were playing a very dangerous game of acting like little ferals in front of Santa - they were running completely amok, jumping on furniture and touching pretty much everything they were not supposed to touch... you know as kids generally do in a place like that.

Just across the way from Santa was a hanging egg chair, sitting there looking all pretty and serene and practically begging me to go and sit in it and pretend like those rampant ferals weren't mine.

And so I did, sit in it that is, and me and that chair - well we connected on a very very deep level, so much so I kinda sorta arranged for it to come home with me under the guise of an early Christmas gift from my hubby to me... only he didn't actually know anything about it.

I arrived home and before I even had a chance to tell him about the early Christmas gift he was about to give to me, he gave me another early Christmas gift, a surprise one in the form of a fancy new DSLR.

Oh the shame.

OK, so right about now, as you can probably imagine, I was suffering from a massive attack of buyer's remorse, only I was lacking in the remorse bit but had all the associated guilt. And so I did what any self respecting wife would do...

I told him I had an early Christmas gift for him too.

A fancy pants hanging egg chair.

Let's cut a looooong story short shall we and skip to the bit where I eventually confessed to buying that chair for myself and the part where he said that he knew tall along who I had bought it for because HELLO, the stink eye I gave him when he sat in that fancy new chair with a beer in his hand was a pretty clear indication that all was not exactly what it seemed.

And so that hanging egg chair, my throne on our back deck is my most favourite place to sit and solve the world's problems, and I am of the opinion every woman needs a throne in her life.

We practically owe it to the world to have one.

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So what do you think? Do you have one or do you fancy having your very own backyard throne?

Well let me help you out a little then because I have scoured the interwebs and found some beauties available in Australia. 

Oh and for the record... there is only 4 months until Christmas, you know just in case you want to get one of these hanging egg chairs *cough cough* for your own partner.

Have you ever bought yourself a fancy Christmas Gift?
Told any fibs to your partner that bit you on the butt?