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Friday 11 November 2016

Ten Lists You NEED In Your Life

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I was going to post this earlier this week and then, well.... Trump kind of happened and I got my knickers all in a twist and truth be told - had I written this post then, it probably would have been titled Ten Reasons Why I Think Trump is a Gigantic Turdball and then of course I wouldn't have been able to stop at ten and I would have changed the title to Eleventy Billion and Ten Reasons Why I think Trump is A Gigantic Turdball and I would have like NO skin left on my fingers because I would have spent 2 whole days stabbing at my keyboard to get those eleventy billion and ten items onto my list and off my chest....


Rant over.

I'm not going to say much more about the results of the US election because it's all pretty much already been said. All that is left for us all to do worldwide is to spread love, respect and empathy to each other because love and light is more powerful than anger and hate.

Enough said.

So, it's no secret I'm a list lover from waaaaaaaay back. In fact I think I was probably like some kind of professional list maker in a past life such is my love for lists.

Not only is there something so incredibly darn satisfying in making a list and ticking things off...  I suspect my OCD DNA really likes the organisation and structure of lists too.

That's my theory and I am sticking to it.

To celebrate my love of lists I thought I would share another list.... bahaha. This is a list of ten lists I think we all need in our life and I have picked ten of my fave lists I have pinned to my Pinterest list board.

Yes, I know how loopy a Pinterest board dedicated to lists might make me appear...


Enjoy my fellow list lovers!

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Are you a list lover too or are you anti the structured idea of lists?