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Tuesday 8 September 2015

That One Time I Got To Be an Interior Stylist for Freedom

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Once upon a time there was a little girl who used to like to rearrange 'stuff' in her bedroom.

Granted, this little girl was a bit of a slob (nothing a good shove under the bed couldn't fix) but despite her messy habits she liked things to create neat little vignettes amongst the mess, little displays of smelly rubbers, pretty pens and soft cuddly toys and she dreamt about one day having her own home that could decorate however the hell she liked.

She didn't have any idea what a vignette was back then, and there wasn't any Instagram around for her to take photos of her creations to share with the world.

Regardless, she liked to move things around and curate collections of 'stuff' that she would sit and stare at from different positions in the room until she became completely bored, shoved some of it under the bed and started all over again.

That little girl grew up moved out of home and lo and behold she became the opposite of slobby.


Our little miss messmunger became somewhat anal retentive about being neat and tidy, but one thing remained a constant - her insatiable urge to move furniture and rearrange things.

Once she learnt that vignetting was totally a legitimate thing with a proper name and all that - she vignetted the sweet baby cheeses out of anything she could and nothing was immune to a little vignetting.

When she married her sweetheart, she dreamt about the house full of sweet little girls that she would have with her husband. She picture a couple of fluffy little pups that would sleep at her feet and a home full of white furniture and colourful accessories.

Oh such sweet (and clean) dreams she had.

The reality was they ended up with a house full of noisy and messy boys, a couple of desexed dogs that like to roll in dead things and then sloth wherever the hell they pleased, and not a chance in hell of keeping any furniture or furnishings white for longer than five minutes.

But still she continued vignetting 'stuff', moving furniture around at all hours of the night, pouring over home magazines and spending hours wandering through home wares stores.

She also remained loyal to her love of colour.

Blah blah blah!

Let's skip all the fluff and get to the good stuff - because holy shitballs people was I living my dream last week or what?!

When the gang at Freedom emailed to invite me to head into their Moore Park store and spend some glorious time creating a display room out of their new Spring Summer collection - I pretty much popped my shoulder with all the fist pumping I did.

I mean, this is the stuff dreams are made of, MY DREAMS!!

Let's face it - I am a homewares floozy because let me pretend to be an interior stylist for a day and I am SO YOURS!!

Enough of the rambling already, you wanna see the room I put together and I am sitting here getting all ansty wanting to do my big tada moment for you.

So here it is, My Freedom Spring Summer 2015 room - I was going for the 'Yes I have three boys but dammit I can still have pink too' kind of vibe.

Pretty much everything I used in my room was from their Spring Summer 15 Collection and you can view the Freedom online catalogue and look book here.

If you want to have a peek at the other gorgeous designs my fellow blog buddies put together on the day - check out the Freedom blog here.

One last thing, before I scoot off and go and vignette the crap out of something - I am giving away a $100 voucher to spend at Freedom courtesy of the Freedom team and their #IloveComingHome #SpringSummer15 Campaign, so head on over to instagram and get entering.

What kind of style of home did you picture yourself one day living in and decorating? Did it happen for you? 
Do you tend to stick with a constant style or do you like to change things up every now and then and try new trends on for size?

*I wasn't paid to write this post but I did get to play grown up interior stylists for the day and choose a few things for my vignetting obsession.