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Wednesday 23 September 2015

When Two Great Loves Collide

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Hello and Happy Hump Day to you guys.

Wow, so we ran our first school holiday kid's workshop today at the warehouse and I'm officially gonna go and call it a success.

It was a dream catcher workshop with our mate Jayde from Little Paper Lane and the fact that the kids didn't want to leave when their parent's turned up to pick them up, was a pretty good indication that the gorgeous little dudes and dudettes had fun.

I too had a whole load of fun because HELLOOO pineapple donuts.

It is an awesome day when two of my great loves collide.

We saw these donuts on Pinterest and kind of had an inkling that the kids would love them when they came to the workshop... and we weren't wrong.

They are just simple cinnamon donuts that we topped with pineapple heads... pineapple heads that I sat on the couch last night watching X Factor and painstakingly cutting out.

I'm not even kidding with the pain bit... I mean all those corners and stuff... PAINful!

Once I had cut the cardboard shapes out I decided to laminate them so that they could be reused because there was NO way I was going to go and cut all of these buggers out again for the next workshop. But once they were laminated I had to cut them all out again anyways... corners and all.

So yep, a somewhat painful process... but the pins and needles in my hands will disappear eventually ( I hope) and watching the kids enjoy them today, ahh it was SO worth it!

Anyway, I am off to collapse on the couch and get ready to do it all over again tomorrow.

How are you doing?

Are you surviving the holidays so far or are you ready to run away to somewhere safe and hide?