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Friday 25 September 2015

When the Truth Hurts... Like A LOT!

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Criticism is a hard thing to swallow isn't it?!

I like to think I am quite open and receptive to constructive criticism and that I can take it on board like a proper grown up and use it to work towards being a better person or a better something or other...

But the reality is criticism can sting, and regardless of whether the criticism is personal, accurate or even within in your control - the truth can hurt... like a lot!

The ego is a very sensitive thing and if I'm honest, I'm not really sure what hurts more - the fact that criticism leads to such strong disappointment within myself, or the bonus disappointment I take on just knowing that I or something I am involved in, has not met someone elses expectations.

It kind of sucks either which way really and you would have to have a ridiculously thick skin to not take it to heart... even just a little.

One thing I do know from a recent experience is that criticism can be a pretty tough pill to swallow and one needs to be very careful and considerate when providing feedback to someone, especially as a parent dealing with children, because I tell you - the actual delivery of that criticism - man that delivery can be make or break material.

How do you cope with receiving criticism?
Are you thick enough skinned to simply take it on board and learn from it or does is sting like buggery and leave you feeling very bruised and battered for the experience?

Anyway it's just a quick one from me tonight as the hubby is away camping with one of our boys and so it is just me and the two little ones for a few nights... and quite frankly after a week that has left me totally knackered - a movie and some snuggles on the couch is about all I can cope with for now.

Have a fabulous weekend you guys.

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