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Thursday 24 September 2015

The Lowdown on The New Dyson

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When I tell people that I usually vacuum the floors in our home at least once a day, I am often met with a complete look of bewilderment. Experience tells me that they are generally thinking;

a This woman is a complete and utter nut job
b This woman clearly suffers from some form of cleaning OCD
c This woman owns a houseful of kids and dogs
d All of the above

If I’m totally honest, the correct answer would in fact be D - I am a somewhat OCD nut job who owns a house full of kids and dogs.

That being said, the main reason I am so obsessive about the floors in our house is because we have a combination of tile and carpet in our home, both of which are light in colour. Since the three boys and their friends, and the two dogs insist on constantly trekking dirt in and out and shedding hair all over the place, if we didn't vacuum daily, the floors would look horrendously filthy.

Meet Max and Milly - Milly is the sloth on the couch otherwise known as the chicken sausage, after I went to buy chicken sausages for dinner and came home with a puppy. Long story short - the pet store was somewhere between the carpark and the sausage shop and HELLO cute puppy meet a sucker of a mum and we had a new member of the family.

The other dog (the one in desperate need of a trip to the salon) is Max and believe me when I tell you that their cute appearances are merely a cover for their more devious personalities. These two KNOW when I have just finished cleaning the floors and will get straight to work on bringing the backyard inside and spreading it all over the carpet.

They can turn the beige carpet brown faster than my kids can roll a family sized pack of assorted creams.. and trust me, I’m talking fast.

Admittedly there is a part of me who has a compulsive need to clean whenever I am stressed or mad, bored or sad and … yeah OK, clearly I have issues Houston.

As you can imagine, I didn’t need much in the way of any arm twisting when I was asked to try out and review the new Dyson DC50Upright vacuum cleaner.

I’m already a dedicated Dyson consumer and we have one of their barrel vacuums that you pull along behind you as you go.

Now don’t get me wrong, the barrel model is still an awesome vacuum that does the job really well, it’s just that I spend a fortune on spack filler to repair corners of our walls that look like this…

You see, I am very proud of the fact that I have successfully conned negotiated with the kids to vacuum at least a couple of times a week as part of their pocket money earning chores, but the enthusiastic money hungry little buggers run through the house vacuuming as quickly as they can and drag the poor vacuum behind them bashing into the walls as they go.

I am pleased to report that this does NOT happen with this new Dyson vacuum cleaner.

This lightweight and compact machine can be easily steered with a mere turn of the wrist making it so easy for any sized member of the family to use without smashing the walls and although this streamlined baby may be the smallest upright vacuum cleaner (which by the way is absolutely perfect storage wise), it’s two tiers of cyclones means it has all the power of a full size machine.

 This is what this feisty little sucker picked up from my floor after one vacuuming session (despite the fact I vacuumed the day before).

My cleaning OCD has officially gone into overdrive because ewwwww THAT was in my floors!!!

If you have tiles or hard wood floors, you will be very pleased to know that not only does the Dyson DC50 brush bar automatically transition between carpets and hard floors with uninterrupted suction, it also has a row of anti static carbon fibre filaments as well as the nylon bristles.

What all that fancy shmancy technical talk means is that most vacuums have a nylon brush bar that loosens the dirt from the carpet but they are less effective on hard floors where static holds the fine dust to the floors.

The fancy filaments in the Dyson brush prevents the static charge from building up, and that dirt and microscopic dust that contains all the allergens and bacteria are easily sucked up into the vacuum.

It cleans up well.

Like, keeps the OCD mum of kids and dogs really happy kind of well.

Better yet this machine has a special short arse gadget (totally not the technical term) that attaches to the movable hose that enables vertically challenged people like me or the mighty midgets to reach and vacuum the tops of shelves and cupboards.

For the win people, for the win!

Yep I’m sold and I would happily recommend the Dyson DC50 for use in a home full of big, little and hairy people.

You read all about it or order the Dyson DC50 Allergy online here and as an added bonus - it comes with free delivery and a free 2 year guarantee.

Now tell me - how often do you Vacuum at your house?
Do you think I am a total nut job or are you as equally OCD when it comes to your floors?