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Monday 13 February 2012

Wonderful Weekends - Lots of Foofing around.

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As I write this I am feeling rather chilled out and relaxed. It’s an awesome feeling and I wish I could say I ended more weekends feeling like this.
I don’t know about you guys, but as I get older the weekends just seem to fly by faster and faster and in the wink of an eye, Sunday night has rolled around and I am thinking about school and work and everything else that awaits me Monday morning.

Maybe it's because we try to cram so much into a weekend. Kids sports, catching up with family and friends, parties, stuff that needs to be done around the house and garden and of course all the jobs that need to be done in prep for the coming week.

Every now and then I crave for a weekend where we have nothing planned, nowhere we need to be by any particular time, and nothing to get ready in preparation for people coming over. Pure family time and plenty of chillaxing.

Apart from the Saturday morning ritual of Karate and shopping, we had nothing else planned this weekend. The sun came out to play and so did we.

We loaded up Saturday morning at the markets with our favourite fresh Summer fruits. This to me is one of life's ultimate luxuries and I just adore everything about the colours and the smells and of course the flavours. I always feel a little sad when summer comes to and end and the abundance of gorgeous summer fruits dries up.

Whilst I was chopping up all the fruit, my little Flynn was nattering away to me. He has been living in this hat since his Nan bought it for him last week. He picked it himself out of a $2 dollar store and he just thinks he is oh so cool in it. I kinda think he rocks the look too.

The sun decided to apologise for wagging so much this summer and put on a gorgeous day for us. So we did plenty of this....

and lots of lounging around here...

As you can tell I got to spend a bit of time playing around with my camera. I am still trying to get my head around all those functions.

If you are interested in learning more about how to use your DSLR, Kirsty from Coral and Coast's hubby is teaching us every Friday.
It only just started this week, so check it out. I am so hoping he is going to shed some light on some of these mysterious buttons for me.

On Sunday afternoon we rocked up to the local garden centre, one of my most favourite places to potter. We bought the kids some ice cream and deposited them into the play area so we were free to go and select some plants for a part of the garden we have been planning to do like forever. Despite the afternoon storm we did manage to get it done, but I can't show you yet as that's for another post.

Whilst my poor hubby was doing all the back breaking digging, I supervised, gave directions (I'm really good at that part) and spent a bit of time like an old lady foofing around and attending to other parts of the garden that needed a bit of love.

It always makes me laugh to myself when I am pottering around in the garden, as years ago I would not have been caught dead playing in the patch.

I can remember rolling my eyes when my grandmother used to try and tell me about different plants and flowers. I was bored out of my brain and had absolutely no interest in her gardening passion. Now, what I would give for her to be alive and to see the garden I have designed and love to nurture and to pick her brain about so many things garden related.

The kids kept us entertained when they came outside to ride their scooters and skateboards. I have no idea what they were dressed up as, but it was pretty damn funny and a hilarious site for our poor neighbours.

Yup - that's my boys!

So that my friends was our Wonderful RELAXED Weekend. I plan on sneaking a few more of these ine before all the Winter Kids sports begin.

So what did you get up to this weekend?

Every Monday the link opens and I would love you to share what you got up to on the weekend. Did you do something special or go somewhere? 
Perhaps you cooked up a storm or got all crafty and clever on me. 
Whatever it is share it with us and inspire us all. 
The link is open until next Friday so you can take your time and link up any time this week.