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Monday 20 February 2012

A Weekend House and Garden Makeover

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I had to laugh this weekend when I saw my hubby's facebook status update. 

My wife is doing stand back's! (standing back and looking at a room that she isn't happy with). Looks like I might be moving furniture on this great afternoon......

And like always, my dear hubby was on the mark.

It's no secret around here that I am a bit of a shopaholic and when I was having coffee with a friend on Friday at one of my favourite cafes (that also happens to be a home wares shop too), I couldn't help but make a little purchase.

See these gorgeous jars - wouldn't you just fall in love with them too?

So I did what all woman typically do, I brought them home and played around with them, putting them in different places and umming and ahhing until I found the perfect home for them on top of the piano.

Come Sunday, I decided I didn't really like them after all, so I moved them to a new spot in the entrance and then I stood back and admired ...... and noticed that the cushions in the front room were looking a little dated. 

It was about now my hubby ran scared and went off to share his pain with his facie friends.

I debated whipping up some new cushions, but decided that someone else could surely do a much better job.... My favourite shop Swish.

So I grabbed my bag and my oldest son to help me carry things and headed to the shops. Alas I was not wrong, my blessed shop came through with the goods. A variety of gorgeous beige, brown and cream toned cushions that clearly had my name written  all over them.

Now whilst I was there I couldn't help but notice some fabulous wooden stools that were just crying out to me "Take us, Love us, Give us a new home". So seriously who was I to deprive these beautiful things a loving home where they would be sat on by dirty grubby little bodies appreciated.

We all know that when you bring some new homewares into your abode, it is a must that you foof around and redecorate so that your new joys blend seamlessly with your old. So I emptied my trusty old Expedit from all it's clutter and rearranged with some of my favourite things.

A little corner needed a bit of a lift so I dug out some fabric I had stashed away and covered a canvas to hang there (sorry about the crappy photo). That then got me looking at the other prints and artwork on the walls and wondering if they were indeed where they should be.

Hubby, as I mentioned earlier was hiding out the back and had so far escaped any manual labour .... I said so far didn't I? Yup he was promptly enlisted to relocate various paintings and artworks to new locations.

Now I don't want to paint my dear man as someone who shys away from hard work. On the contrary actually. When it comes to landscaping our gardens we are a great team. I come up with some fabulous ideas and he does all the work brings them to life. OK so that means he does a lot of digging and planting and shifting to the left or right when my instinct tells me that plant would look perfect just a couple of inches this way... or that way .... or perhaps over there instead, but as long as there is a cold beer waiting for him, he patiently responds with his standard "Yes Dear" and gets stuck into it.

A year ago now we put our new pool in and the excavators had to rip up our side garden at the front of the house to get the machines in ....and well.... we never got around to fixing that area back up. We have debated over what to do, and what plants to use and the layout for ages now and basically just stuffed around and did an outstanding job of procrastinating. Last weekend however we bit the bullet and got stuck into it.

 This was the little patch of nothing that needed some loving.

We had a couple of scrappy looking things in there that had survived all the machines, but pretty it wasn't.

With a little extra help from some awesome friends who just popped in for a drink but rolled up their sleeves and got dirty (Thanks Michael and Liz) we got it all finished and I'm one happy gal. Some buxus, lavender and a little Gem Magnolia later and walah - we have us a garden again. Fingers crossed it will all hedge up nicely and match the other side of the house again.

And I have to share my gorgeous roses casue I am ever so slighty obsessed with them and they are just full to the brim with flowers at the moment and smell oh so divine.

All in all it was a very productive weekend around this joint and I had a fabulous time pottering around playing house.

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So what did you get up to this weekend?
Do you constantly move furniture and decor items around the house when you get bored with a look? (Please tell me you do as I assured my hubby this was indeed normal behaviour).

Every Monday the link opens and I would love you to share what you got up to on the weekend. Did you do something special or go somewhere? 
Perhaps you cooked up a storm or got all crafty and clever on me. 
Whatever it is share it with us and inspire us all. 
The link is open until next Friday so you can take your time and link up any time this week.