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Monday, 3 December 2012

And So Begins The Silly Season!

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The Silly Season has officially begun around here. I freaking love this time of the year for all of its festivities, its excuses to let my inner Martha out and the opportunity to catch up with friends and just let your hair down.

Do I need an excuse to put on a spread and invite people around? Nope, I love me some good old fashioned entertaining and heck Ill find an excuse to party in pretty much anything. Mail man came today? Woohoo let's party! I managed to cross a few things off the to do list? Yehaww Let's Party! Made it through the week without humiliating myself or creating any catastrophes - Dang Diddly dang - Let's put our party boots on people!

Can you tell I'm rather fond of a little get together?

Now I know I have been teasing you all a little with lots of pics lately on instagram and Facebook of some of the amazingly gorgeous products available from Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, Williams-Sonoma and West Elm? "Yeah whats the go with that?" I here you asking. Well more will be revealed next year, but in the meantime I can tell you that all four of the Williams-Sonoma labels are opening right here in Sydney in March next year. Excited much? Ummm I am!

So when this big box of Pottery Barn Christmas gorgeousness arrived on my doorstep for me to check out, I may have done cartwheels. OK you and I both know I am completely incapable of doing cartwheels, but I was pretty darn excited and yep you guessed it, I thought it was the perfect excuse to lay out a festive table and have a bit of an early Christmas celebration with some special friends and their kids.

This year I am going for a simple understated theme for my Christmas table, so these gorgeous silver pieces are the perfect accessories for the look I am after.

Do you just adore those little pig Salt and Pepper Shakers. They may have very smudgy noses cause I kept kissing them and making my kids kiss them too. Why? Oh I have no idea really except I thought they were very cute and I get a little lovey dovey after a Caprioska or three.

These big fat gorgeous etched mercury glass candle holders and candles are stunning, the photos just don't do them justice. Some of you asked after I posted pics over the weekend about where you can buy them. Well even though Pottery Barn do not open here until March 2013, you don't need to wait until then. You can buy everything you want online from their beautiful website and get it shipped to you in Australia.

See that silver car on the table in the photo above? That has to be one of my favourite things that arrived in that big box of Pottery Barn candy. You are so going to look twice, maybe even three times when I tell you it is a cocktail shaker. Yup - totally James Bond style. I'll give you shaken and not stirred!

So with the table set and the seafood feast cooking on the BBQ by the hubstar all that was left to do was welcome this Silly Season in with a bang.

Cocktails were drunk, faces were fed, kids were in and out of the pool and running around having a great old time, as were the big kids. It was one of those days where you have to step back and take a moment, even just a short one amongst the frivolity, to look around and realise that life is pretty damn good thank you very much.

And that to me, is one of the things that Christmas is all about.

Have you welcomed the Silly Season in with a bang?
Got any Christmas festivities planned?