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Tuesday 11 December 2012

Christmas Antics With The Delinquent Elf Alfie!

Pin It Ahh yes the explosion of Elves in homes around the world. They have arrived in armies fresh from elf bootcamp at the Book Depository and looking for suckers families to open their doors and hearts to them.

If you have not seen these guys you have either been sunning yourself on some gorgeous beach somewhere (in which case you would totally be excused), climbing ice peaks in Antarctica (in which case you would be excused on the grounds of insanity), or you are suffering from a serious case of Christmas denial.

Either way, these little delinquent elves have been taking over suburbia and are getting up to all kinds of trouble and my home has not been immune to their charms.

Yep, we have adopted one mischievousness little dude name Alfie.

Now the thing that does strike me a little odd about this whole elf thing is that I would probably lose my patience and pop a vein or two if my own kids got up to half the stuff this elf of our does each day, and yet I happily let this strange little creature run amok in our house whilst I take photos of him and laugh at my children's delight at his antics.

Somethings a little strange with that picture right?

Love them or loathe them, it seems they are breeding faster than rodents and are pretty much here to stay ... or at least until they run out of things to destroy or they burn the house down when the toilet paper on the Christmas tree's 50 metres of Ebay lights catch on fire. Either or.

Next year I bags an elf that empties the dishwasher, likes giving massages and has a love of ironing.

In the meantime, here's what our adopted elf has been up to this week.

Have you welcomed an elf into your home this year or are you one of the many who is totally creeped out by them and is afraid they are going to cut all your hair off or take a kidney or two  whilst you are sleeping?

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