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Friday 7 December 2012

You Can be Santa and Win A PS3 and Wonderbook Move Bundle!

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Check out the amazing entry below that won!

My boys wrote their letters to Santa ages ago, all the way back in October after we had been invited to the Playstation Playground event. And the reason for their early penning? They wanted to be sure that they got on the list for The Wonderbook™: Book of Spells.

You see they were seriously crushing on this new game from Playstation and they had HUGE concerns that Santa would be asked for so many of these this Christmas that his supplies would run out. So they kind of figured first in would be best dressed and all that!

Of course in a typical parenting technique of mine, I’ve been taking full advantage of their special Christmas wish and like a carrot to a donkey I have been waving it under their nose whenever their behaviour went a little too left field for my liking.

I got a few months mileage out of this, until last week when Santa well and truly came early to our house.

When a special package from the awesome team at Sony Playstation arrived last week for my boys, you could have heard them squealing like a bunch of little girls, anywhere within a 50km radius (only a very slight exaggeration). It contained the very one thing they have been lusting after. The Wonderbook™: Book of Spells for PS3™

My youngest is now convinced that our courier is Santa on holidays and is even planning to bake him some Cookies and give him a beer next time he visits. The neighbours are really gonna start talking!

So why all the excitement, and what’s with all the fuss? Um helloooo this is at THE TOP of the wish list for my boys and all their friends this year.

The Wonderbook™: Book of Spells for PS3™ lets you *ahem* I mean your kids really be a part of the action. It literally brings the game to life and your child is the central character in the game AND on the screen.
Yep like really on the screen. 

It is suitable for any age, so yes you too can go and get all hocus pocus and the most exciting part of this game is that the special webcam that comes in the pack, transports onto the TV screen and right in the thick of all the magic and wizardry.

You can see more here about how it all works here.

Now if you are a Harry Potter fan you are going to be completely beside yourself as The Wonderbook™: Book of Spells allows you to feast your goggles on some new and exclusive writing from J.K. Rowling.

As you work through the story, the Wonderbook really comes to life, and using the special PlayStation®Move Motion Controller as your own magic wand, you can cast 20 spells from the world of Harry Potter(TM).

Is that totally cool or what??


One lucky winner will have the chance to take home the great prize of a Playstation 3 and a Wonderbook Move Bundle!

OK you can officially start squealing!

Wonderbook™: Book of Spells

“Bring wizardry to life in your living room with Wonderbook™: Book of Spells for PlayStation®3 (PS3™).
Wonderbook takes augmented reality to spectacular new places with an intuitive and easy to use book. Tilting, rotating, or simply turning the pages bring stories to life all around you like never before.
With Wonderbook™: Book of Spells, you can learn the art of spell-casting. Chapter by chapter, you will be able to read about and practise spells, picking up valuable experiences and lessons along the way. 
Master 20 spells from the world of Harry Potter™ such as Lumos, Expelliarmus and Wingardium Leviosa!”

To enter this competition just follow these simple steps
  1. Tell me what magic would you create if that Motion Controller wand worked in real life
  2. You can get a bonus entry for sharing this post on Facebook and another bonus entry for sharing this post on Twitter. Just enter as a separate comment how you have shared the post.
Terms and Conditions
  • Competition is open to Australian residents only
  • This is a Game of Skill and the winners will be chosen for their most creative answers.
  • Prizes will be sent to you direct from the Companies or PR Representatives but will not be replaced in the event that they are stolen, or lost in transit.
  • The winners will be announced on this post right here on my blog and contacted by email. They will have 5 days to contact me to claim their prize. If the winner does not make contact me the prize will be redrawn and a new winner notified by email.
  • The Competition is open now and closes at 7pm Friday 14/12/12.
Prize information: The prize pack contains a PS3 12GB - AUD$299.95 RRP and a Wonderbook Move Bundle - US$99.95 RRP. The Total value of this prize is - $399.95

*I was not paid for this post however I was gifted a Wonderbook Pack. All opinion are my own and that of my family

to Tawhi Kirk

I would totally give Tawhi a freaking book deals based on this awesome poem she wrote. I have to share it with you guys.

Ever since I was a child,
I've been enchanted by Rowlings world.
I would spend my days pretending,
I was a muggle born magic girl!

If I had the power of witch craft,
And my Motion Controller could cast a spell.
I'd make quite a few enchantments,
And I'd surely use them well!

So in my secret dungeon,
Hidden well in Hogwarts grounds.
I would firstly make a potion,
That can swiftly mute all sounds.

With delicious notes of chocolate,
It would erase the power of speech.
As a mother it would be prefect.
Think of the lessons it would teach.

You could enjoy your favourite movie.
No more chatter in your ears.
And it wears off at the credits,
Before your child starts the tears!

Next I'd cast a spell,
That would be a hit with all the mums.
It's called "Stretchmarksarenolonger".
And is used on legs and tum's.

With a little bit of magic,
Belly stretch marks are no more.
All those lines and scars are taken.
Magically ushered out the door!

Then finally I'll take my cauldron,
Mix in a pinch of Fairy Dust.
The feather of a Phoenix.
And a Troll hair is a must.

Stir these well until I've created,
A curse that effects the world.
It's called Worldwide Peace and Harmony.
And will effect all boys and girls.

A cure for the sick and dying.
It'll bring prosperity to the poor.
Turn the bad to good,
And show all evil out the door.

I would love to be a wizard.
If even only for a night!
Think of all the good that could be created.
And all the bad whisked out of sight!

Congratulations Tawhi - I so want your spell.  Can you please email me at with your details so we can arrange your prize.