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Friday 21 December 2012

When Life Throws You a Curve Ball and The Mayans have a Bad Day.

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Helllooo - I have been a little MIA these past few days and I feel like I was missing a limb not having my trusty blog to turn to.

We have had a week of extreme highs and exhausting lows after life pitched us one of her famous curve balls. Shes' been practicing her pitching - life that is. She smacked us with a couple of big ones that caused us to strike out and sent us sulking to the dugout for a couple of days.

Nothing too serious in the bigger picture, but enough to throw our week into a spin and appreciate the days when things run a little smoother.

I have no idea why I am using a baseball analogy, must be something to do with the dream I had last night where I was being chased by a pack of geese across a baseball pitch.... random!

So this week, my youngest son Flynn graduated from Preschool. Oh man did I sob as I hugged those beautiful teachers goodbye. Another chapter closes and although I knew it was coming, nothing could quite prepare me for the emotion I felt as I walked out that gate for the final time with my little boy's hand tucked safely into mine.

Oh Good Lord the tears are starting again.

He doesn't look quite that blemish free at this very moment as the poor thing was bitten by a tick and struck down by Spotted Tick Fever a few days ago. He now looks more like a very busy Dot to Dot canvas. Apparently only 50 people a year get this, so I'm thinking that perhaps we should think about buying a lottery ticket or something whilst the odds are clearly stacked on our side.

I was a very proud mama this week as I watch my oldest son Kai receive a Vice Captaincy position at his school. It made my heart swell to bursting point as I watched the kind and responsible gentlemen we have been blessed with, recognised by his school and his peers in this way.

The moment was made even more sweet for him as Bella a beautiful soul that has been one his his best friends since kindergarten, received The School Captains position. They were so genuinely happy for each other and all their gorgeous friends that were picked for the leadership team and their pride and joy just made a fresh batch of tears flow from my already over productive tear ducts.

My little Sammy didn't have such a great week and his tears were of the unhappy kind unfortunately. He burst his ear drum after a nasty infection shacked up in his middle ear. It is so awful to watch them in agony and there is nothing you can do to help them except cuddle them tight and tell them you love them and that this too shall pass.

I wont post a picture of him from this week as he really hasn't been a happy camper and completely out of his normal bubbly and cheeky demeanour. But here's a pic of him in happier moments, just so he doesn't feel left out and go all Marcia Marcia Marcia on me.

So there you have it, the week that was and my excuses for being MIA. Hopefully it is back to normal programming around here as we throw ourselves into our final preparations for Christmas next week. Holy moses only 3 sleeps until the reindeer come and trash my roses.

Oh did I mention I am now officially on holidays from work for 6 weeks - can I get a Yayyyy! I have been hanging out for this break and I have been working my butt off these past few weeks to make sure I could go on leave with peace of mind and just really enjoy the vegging out.

The kids have finished school for the year and the hubby? Well the poor guy is working through, but I have promised him some lovingly prepared meals and a cold beer served to him at the end of every day by a relaxed and happy wife. He's happy with that arrangement.

I have just been *ahem* reliably informed that as I write this post we have approximately 5 minutes left until the world ends. I cant work out if the Mayans were working on GMT or AEST time and whether they factored in daylight savings or not. But I figure if this post doesn't make it live then blow me down they were right.

If you are reading this then I am pleased to see it was all just another big hoax and that perhaps one of the Mayan elders was just having a rough week like us.

I can just picture him sitting there all tired and cranky like and he had brought some work home to do as he had some huge deadline on this big calender project. His kids were bickering and his wife was nagging him to feed the goats or something and so he said "Stuff you all - I cant be assed making this calender anymore so I am going to finish it on 21/12/12. You can just pick up a Hallmark calender if you need to know the date beyond that point. I need a beer".

Secretly I will also be kinda relieved I didn't waste my money when I forked out that 30 bucks for my I survived the end of the World ... again t'shirt. I like the colour and I'll be wearing it proud.

What's been happening with you guys?
Any school or Preschool graduations?
Have you got your I survived the End of The World shirt ready to go?