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Saturday 29 December 2012

The One Where I Pretended to Be David Attenborough

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Yes I know I am posting late in the day or should I say evening. But it is summer and that means long lazy days with no routines to dictate where and when I should be at any given time.

The truth is we have just come in from the street. Yep we are dirty stop outs hanging out on the road like a bunch of delinquents.

Not quite, but we were quietly sitting outside this afternoon having a bit of a bevie and watching the kids in the street ride their Christmas gifts when suddenly a water balloon ambush took place. This ambush turned into an all out water fight with the neighbours and their kids, followed by a truce and a customary sharing of a bottle or two of wine and some Coronas. The wine then turned into street pizzas for dinner and now we have finally dragged some tired kids back into the house for bed.

Is there any better tasting food and refreshment than that of the spontaneous kind eaten straight from the pizza box and poured from a bottle of wine shared with friends? I think not.

Today was no less than perfect. The hubstar left me to sleep in until 10am (I know totally lazy decadent OK downright lazy!) and then get this, he suggested I take myself shopping.......

Holy Crap!!!
That was my reaction too!

I was suspicious, but not one to look a gift horse in the mouth (especially after getting a dressing down for looking a gift horse in the mouth) I saddled up my said horse (or my bike in this case) and headed off to the shops.

We are incredibly blessed as down the road from where we live we have this bushland / bird and wildlife sanctuary, that has long winding tracks that go on for ever. These tracks are perfect for walking or riding bikes along and to get to our local shopping centre you can take one of these tracks directly there.

I pretended like a was David Attenbourogh or something and attempted to instagram my way to the shops. I was doing well until I ran my bike off the path and into a tree fern. No harm done except to my ego.

Sleep ins, post Christmas sales, bike rides, water fights and Pizza in the street with the neighbours. It doesn't get much better.

Hope you are enjoying the last few days of 2012, wherever you may be and whatever you are doing.