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Tuesday 4 December 2012

WTF is with All This Christmas Shopping Panic?

Pin It My Christmas shopping is pretty much done and dusted. No I'm not gloating...OK I guess I kinda am in a totally annoying little way.

It was as I was rushing around the shops like a complete madwoman late on Thursday Night that I had a moment of clarity. It's November, all be it the end of November, but November all the same. Why the hell was I frantically running around like it was Christmas Eve and I have 5 minutes left to choose my entire family's Christmas presents or the doors will be slammed shut on me and it's all over Red Rover - Christmas is gonna suck and it's all my fault?

This late night shopping frenzy of mine was most likely a result of the dream I had the night before where I woke up at 5am on Christmas morning and realised I had forgotten to do my Christmas Shopping so I was driving around trying to find all the 7 Elevens and convenience stores that were open so I could grab some last minute gifts and try and salvage our Christmas. Air Supply and Britney CDs and Slurpee vouchers were just not going to cut it no matter how bad my kid's taste in music is.

I totally blame it on instagram and Facebook. Seeing everyone's status updates telling me how organised they are as they have now officially completed their Christmas Shopping, well it was starting to get me in a bit of a sweat.

I'm organised, at least I always thought I was, so why the hell haven't I started my Christmas shopping yet?  Damn you Sonia, you have been so busy being Martha Mudguts  and getting all crafty like, that you've gone and left the Christmas gift buying to the last minute!

When did November become the last minute?

Last time I check I still had at least 24 days in December to get those lists ticked off.

A couple of years ago I wouldn't have been in such a tizz over this. Nope. I would have scheduled some shopping time in for mid December and I would have felt like I was the master of the Christmas preparations.

Heck I can remember coming out of hospital a few years ago on the 15th of December, after a major leg reconstruction and in a wheelchair no less, and getting the hubby to drive me to Toys R Us on the way home from the hospital to do the Christmas Shopping. Sure I was high as a kite on Pethidine (that has got to explain how I ever thought PlayDoh was a good gift idea for my own kids) and even thought I wasn't a picture of anything you would use on a relaxation spa brochure or anything,  I certainly wasn't overly stressed.

Is it because I am getting older and I no longer have the energy to push and shove with the crowds of people who are panic buying and getting frustrated at the poor teenager serving us because they are asking for price checks at the checkout?

Is it because we feel like everyone else is so super organised and we HAVE to keep up - including having your Christmas Day menu planned, ingredients purchased, gifts bought and wrapped and Christmas cards written before the sun sets on the day that the tinsel first appears in the shops?

Or is it because we are brainwashed by major toy companies in late October that if we don't buy the new  talking, walking, farting and burping Buzz Lightyear doll or that My Little Pony Stable and its freaking Special Edition Hamptons dressage set RIGHT NOW that they will be all sold out in a few days time and we will feel the worst parents in the world as we wipes away our kids tears on Christmas morning?

It happened to Arnie in Turbo man. And he had to go and get all dressed up as an oversized Super Hero and Jet Blast himself into a wall to make sure his son woke up with a precious Turbo man doll on Christmas morning.

That must be it. Let's just blame Turbo man shall we!

Excuse me - I have a Christmas Menu to go and plan.

Have you done your Christmas Shopping yet?
Are they all wrapped and hidden too?
Anyone know where I can get my hands on a Nerf NightVision Basketball? 
It seems I may have left my run a little late.